Most Popular Weight Loss Diet   

Not every weight loss diet plan works on our body. It is advisable to choose a diet that would suit you well.

5 popular weight loss  diet types    

   The keto diet is a Low Carbohydrate and High Fat intake diet (i.e. 75% of your calories come from fat, 5% from Carbohydrates). In the keto diet, our body starts burning fat for fuel due to a lack of carbohydrates.   

1. Ketogenic diet

The paleo diet is based on Wholesome contemporary foods. It includes a good amount of vegetables, Olive Oils, coconut oil, Nuts, Fruits and Seafood. 

2. Paleo Diet

Intermittent fasting involves the process of switching between eating and fasting. The two most common types of intermittent fasting are 16:8 and 20:4.

3. Intermittent Fasting

In this diet, seafood is preferred over red meat, and dairy products are limited. The Mediterranean diet involves Whole Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes, Nuts, seeds, and Fish.

4. The Mediterranean diet 

The Vegan diet excludes the intake of animal products and contains only fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains. A vegan diet is a good option for vegetarians for weight loss.

5. The Vegan Diet  

Make sure to understand the diet plan and keep track of the effects of the diet. Check out the blog for more details.