This nutrient rich superfood is used in the treatment of certain diseases. It is commonly cultivated in the regions of Africa and Southeast Asia.

Heals wound   

Moringa heals and fastens the healing process when applied on infection pockets (abscesses), dandruff, gums inflammation, snakebites, warts and wounds.  

 Balances hormone  

Moringa leaves and seeds can regulate hormonal imbalance and slows the ageing process. 

Protects liver  

Moringa can manage fructose-induced fatty liver, and it effectively hastens the repair process of liver damage caused by the drugs.  

Improves brain health 

Moringa leaf is effectively used in ayurvedic medicine to treat the symptoms of paralysis and other nervous disorders. 

Reduces diabetes symptoms 

Moringa can be used in the treatment of diabetes and reduces the severity of the symptoms.