7 Evidence-based health benefits o


Lemons are bright yellow citrus fruit. They are well-known for their distinctive sour taste. Lemons are 90% water and have electrolytes in them.  

When life gives you lemons, prepare lemonade    

as lemons are a nutrient powerhouse that offers several health benefits.

7 health benefits of lemons are   Boosts immunity  Heals wound Improves heart health  Prevents anaemia  Boosts digestive health Helps control weight  Treats scurvy   

Why choose packed energy drinks and carbonated beverages when we have lemon water as a low-calorie replacement?    This hydrating water is a natural energy drink with high electrolytes necessary for the cells to provide energy.     

Squeeze a lemon into a glass of water. Mix this to get the refreshing lemon water. Salt or sweetness can be added as per preference.       

Lemon water   preparation   

Tackle the lemons of life with this vitamin C fruit     More information is available in the blog.