Diabetes diet

To keep sugar levels in control Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disorder characterised by high blood glucose level

Diabetes nutrition

A person with Diabetes can consume small and frequent meals to maintain their blood glucose level. A bedtime drink/snack is recommended since it prevents nocturnal hypoglycemia. 

How is a Diabetes diet plan prepared?

A Diabetes diet plan is prepared by including factors like age, height, weight, activity level, and blood glucose levels to make it individualised. 

Best foods to include in a Diabetes diet plan

Whole grains  Nuts  seeds  Green leafy  vegetables  Whole pulses  Skimmed, low-fat milk  Gourd vegetables  

Some non-vegetarian options 

Egg  Lean meat  Fish  Skinless poultry  Seafood  

Foods to not-include in a Diabetes diet plan   

Refined flour  Refined sugar  Fried foods  High glycaemic index fruits Carbonated beverages  Red meat