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  Headache-  How to treat them? 

The throbbing head pain    Headache is a pain in the forehead or face. Most people experience headaches several times during their life.

What causes Headaches?  

1. Stress  2. Environment  3. Illness  4. Genetics  5. Injury  

Some common types of headaches are    

1. Tension headache  2. Migraine headache  3. Sinus headache  4. Cluster headache 

The treatment is personalised and depends on the cause. Some people do not require medical help but manage the symptoms with home remedies or over-the-counter medications.   

Preventing headaches      

Water- the miracle drink can keep you hydrated and prevent dehydration headaches. Drink water frequently and increase intake post-exercise. A person should stay clear of what triggers headaches.   Avoiding particular food or smell and sticking to a healthy lifestyle also help treat headaches.  

Headaches are common, and avoiding the cause most usually reduces the pain. Home remedies and treatments can also help manage the symptoms of headaches.