As senior citizens are more prone to illness and injury and may need more medical care, health insurance can assist in reducing the financial burden of medical care

The cost of senior health insurance can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s age, medical history, and coverage.

Healthcare cost in retirement

Every year,the insurance market is subject to change, it is important to review your health insurance plans and compare them with other available options.

How to choose the right Health Insurance plan

Look for plans according to your age as every insurance plan has certain age limit entry .

Age limit for entry

Choose a sum insured that is sufficient enough to cover medical costs, from routine checkups to hospitalisation.

Sum insured

Reviewing the health insurance policy and checking the policy's inclusion and exclusion  is advisable before choosing a health insurance coverage. 

Policy inclusions and exclusions

It's important to read the policy as many coverage options in Health Insurance Policy come with specific waiting periods.

Waiting Period

You deserve to lead a stress-free life after retiring ,so consider opting for a Health Insurance Policy to relieve yourself from the financial burden during  medical emergency.