What are  junk foods, and why is it bad for your health?

What are junk foods?

Imagine eating a whole plate of pani poori or samosa on a winter evening. Even thinking of such a scene makes us crave food. Junk foods contain no nutritional value and are addictive.

Examples of junk foods

1. Soda 2. Pizza 3. Chocolate 4. Doughnut 5. Churro

6. Chip 7. Waffle 8. Ice cream 9. Pastries 10. Burger

What makes junk additives? 

Junk foods contain a high amount of sugar and fats.The high sugar content triggers brain signals, making us crave food repeatedly.

Complications associated with consuming junk foods 

1. Heart disease 2. Obesity 3. Type 2 Diabetes

How do junk foods affect our metabolism? 

Junk foods can be digested easily, and we feel hungry after some time, wanting to consume more food. In fact, we are only consuming empty calories.

Why should junk foods be replaced? 

On the other hand, consuming healthy foods like fruits and vegetables keep you full for a longer time and does not induce hunger.

How to eat less junk?

Junk foods can be worth the calories but not worth your health. Replace junk foods with fruits like watermelon. The fruits contain 90% water, do not add extra calories, and can satisfy your sweet cravings.