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What is the difference between Network Hospital and Agreed Network Hospital?

  • Network Hospitals - Hospitals that have agreed for cashless transactions for every admission
  • Agreed Network Hospitals (ANH) - Apart from cashless transactions, ANH's have also agreed for package rates for identified procedures

What is the benefit for the insured to utilize ANH?

  • In our opinion ANH's have reasonably good infrastructure, expertise and follow quality practices
  • Our online processing is programmed to offer speedy cashless approvals, preferably within an average turn - around - time of 2 hours
  • Claim payment to the hospital will be effected at the earliest so that the hospitals will have an active participation

Where are the ANH located?

  • ANH's are available in all zones in our country, mainly in metros and will comprise of all levels of hospitals such as primary, secondary and tertiary care hospitals. The list of ANHs is available on our website. For any queries/clarifications please contact our 24 hour call centre at 1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477

Why should STAR have an ANH?

  • STAR always focuses to offer personalized and professional service to the customers. Based on the feedback from the customers, we felt that our customers expect guidance at the time of any medical contingency. Hence, we thought it is our responsibility to help the customers with a list of hospitals along with specialties available in and around their region. This list will indicate and help the customers to exercise the appropriate option, although the final choice is with the customer.
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