TOLL FREE NUMBER- 1800 425 2255/1800 102 4477

1800 425 2255/1800 102 4477

Citizen's Charter

Our Vision:

  • To become the largest and most preferred health Insurance Company in India.
  • To provide financial security for health care management.

Our Mission:

  • To offer wide range of innovative Products / Services.
  • To provide prompt, courteous and quality service to customers.
  • To leverage State of Art Technology for customer satisfaction.
  • To adopt best management practices in business operations.

Our Commitment :
We Shall

  • Make available insurance coverage to every segment of population.
  • Expand product lines and services on continuing basis.
  • Build and maintain enduring relationships with customers.
  • Conduct business operations with customer as focal point.
  • Create insurance awareness as part of corporate social responsibility.

Standards For Fairness In Dealing With Customers :
We Shall

  • Strive to deal with customers in an open and transparent manner.
  • Explain rationale behind decision consistent with business practice.

Standards For Access To Information :
We Shall

  • Educate public and customers of multiple options in products and services.
  • Distribute brochures on products and services.
  • Spread information on products and services through Internet, Interactive Voice Response System, Information Kiosks etc.
  • Provide access to customers through Help Lines, Call Centers, Internet etc.
  • Enhance content and quality of communication in mass media like Press, Television, radio, etc

Benchmarks For Servicing :
On Underwriting, We Shall

  • Issue policies on individual Health, Personal Accident and Overseas Mediclaim policies instantly.
  • Confirm underwriting decision within 7 days from receipt of medical reports whenever pre-medical examination is required.
  • Send Renewal Notice 15 days before expiry of policy.

Benchmarks For Servicing :
On Settlement Of Claims, We Shall

  • Give pre authorization for cashless facility within 4 hours from receipt of the request.
  • Decide on reimbursement claims within 30 days of receipt complete documents/clarifications.
  • Enable customers to know claim status within 3 days of receipt of documents.

Standards For Redressal Of Grievances:
We Shall

  • Ensure effective Grievance Redressal Mechanism for customers to approach.
  • Register all grievances and send acknowledgement within 3 days .
  • Monitor grievances registered on Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS) through SRMS portal.
  • Resolve grievances within 15 days of receipt.
  • Inform customers availability of Insurance Ombudsman as a Redressal forum.

This Charter is a summary of what Star Health and Allied Insurance Company proposes to offer to the citizens. The charter does not in any way become a part of the policy conditions or policy contract of the customers of Star Health and Allied Insurance Company or the conditions of service to the workforce of the Company.

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