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Corona Kavach Policy, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd.

Shield Yourself Against the Invisible Threat

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COVID Hospitalization Cover

Hospitalization Expenses for treatment of COVID (including co-morbid conditions) on positive diagnosis by government authorized centre

Home Care Treatment Expenses

Taken treatment at Home for COVID up to maximum 14 days per incident


Covered up to sum insured

Pre acceptance medical screening

No pre-acceptance medical screening

Policy Type

Individual / Floater

Policy Term

3 ½ months, 6 ½ months and 9 ½ months (No Annual policy term)

What is Corona Kavach Policy ?

Corona Kavach, Star Health Policy is an indemnity-based Coronavirus medical insurance provided under the guidelines of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). Corona Kavach Policy covers the expenses of hospitalisation, pre and post-hospitalisation, home care treatment and AYUSH treatment in case the policyholder tests positive for Covid-19. Star Health brings to you the Corona Kavach Policy with a strong network of 11000+ hospitals to combat the deadly virus and safeguard your family during this pandemic.
The minimum insured amount permissible under the policy is Rs.50,000, while the maximum is Rs.5 lakhs. The policy can be availed in tenures of 3.5 months, 6.5 months, and 9.5 months. No matter which option you choose, the premium will be a one-time payment. Corona Kavach is a limited insurance policy with no renewal benefits and standard Covid-19 health coverage with both cashless and reimbursement options.
Policyholders can file a claim if they are hospitalized for a minimum period of 24 hours for Coronavirus infection-related treatment after testing positive for the same at a government-authorized diagnostic centre. The policy covers room and nursing charges as well as costs towards surgeons, specialists, anesthetists, and Intensive Care Units (ICU). In addition, the cost of diagnostics, oxygen cylinders are also covered under the policy. Those aged 18 to 65 can buy the Corona Kavach as a family policy to include dependent children, parents, and in-laws.
There is also optional coverage under the Corona Kavach Policy which provides "Hospital Daily Cash". Under this coverage, the holder can get 0.5% of the insured amount per day for every 24 hours of continuous hospitalisation. It is payable for up to 15 days hospitalisation during the policy period.
Corona Kavach policy
Product typeIndividual & Family Floater
Waiting Period15 days
Sum insured50k to 5L
Policy Period3 ½ months, 6 ½ months, and 9 ½ months
Eligibility18 years to 65 years
CoverageCovers up to sum insured

What’s covered under the plan

  • Hospitalisation expenses
    Hospitalisation costs for a positive Covid-19 diagnosis in a government-approved diagnostic facility are covered by the Corona Kavach Mediclaim policy. The charges of room rent, nursing expenses, consultants, specialist fees, medical practitioner, blood, oxygen, ventilator charges, surgical appliances, medicines and drugs, and costs towards diagnostics, diagnostic imaging modalities, PPE Kit, gloves, and mask are included under this policy.
  • Treatment for comorbidities
    The cost of treatment for any comorbid condition is covered along with the treatment for Covid-19.
  • Road Ambulance
    In case of an emergency where ambulance transportation is required, the policy covers the same up to Rs. 2000.
  • AYUSH treatment
    Alternative treatments such as Ayurveda, Unaani, Siddha, and Homeopathy are covered as well.
  • Daily cash cover
    A fixed daily allowance of 0.5% of the total sum insured per day is allowed under this Mediclaim policy. This optional benefit is applicable for every 24 hours of continuous Covid-19 hospitalisation, payable for a maximum of up to 15 days during the policy period.
  • Pre-hospitalisation cover
    Medical expenses incurred 15 days before hospitalisation or for any home care treatment. This includes Covid-19 diagnostic costs.
  • Post- hospitalisation cover
    Medical expenses incurred 30 days after hospitalisation or completion of home care treatment are covered as well under the Corona Kavach policy.
  • Home Care Treatment Expenses
    Home care treatment for Covid-19, provided it is prescribed by a medical practitioner is covered under the policy for a maximum period of 14 days. This benefit covers physician consultations, paramedic assistance, regular monitoring by nurses, investigations, and medicine costs. The Corona Kavach Mediclaim plan covers the treatment prescribed at home for a maximum of 14 days, under the following situations.
    • ➔ The doctor recommends that the insured be taken care of at home.
    • ➔ There is a continuous active line of treatment with health monitoring by a doctor every day for the duration of the home care treatment.
    • ➔ A daily follow-up chart containing the treatment records duly signed by the treating physician is maintained.
    • ➔ When the insured is entitled to the services prescribed by the doctor, cashless payment or reimbursement facilities will be offered as part of home care expenses, subject to the claim settlement policy disclosed on the website and in the policy clauses as well.
    • ➔ In case the insured intends to benefit from the services of a non-network provider, the claim shall be subject to reimbursement, prior approval from the insurer needs to be taken before availing such services.

Benefits covered under Home Care Treatment

  • ➔ Diagnostic tests performed at home or at a diagnostics center
  • ➔ Medicines prescribed in writing
  • ➔ Consultation charges of the medical practitioner
  • ➔ Nursing charges related to medical staff
  • ➔ Cost of the Nebulizer, Oxygen cylinder, and Pulse oximeter

A few costs not covered by the plan

Every medical insurance policy comes with certain exclusions – costs that are not covered.
We try to keep such costs to a minimum. Our Corona Kavach policy offers wide-ranging coverage, however, the policy does not compensate for the following:
  • Claims made for Covid-19 that manifested before policy commencement or claims made during the initial waiting period of 15-days.
  • Tests for Covid-19 that are not undertaken at a government-authorized center will not be accepted.
  • Coverage will stop if a person visits a country that has been restricted for travel by the Indian Government or if treatment or diagnostics are availed outside India.
  • Any unbound therapy or medication not prescribed by the physician will not be covered.
  • OPD and Daycare procedures don’t fall under the policy coverage.

Why do you need a Corona Kavach Policy?

A mere cluster of molecules shook the world. Yes, the Covid-19 pandemic has not been kind to us. It has pushed us to our limits, mentally, physically, and financially. It has taken things from us: family, friendships, mental well-being, and has created divisions and barriers among us. Now, the surge has become a numbers game. Each morning the news would announce how many lives were lost, how many are sick, how fast the virus is spreading. A strong lesson sent out by this pandemic has been that, our health is more important than anything. Having said that, health insurance has perhaps never been more important than today.
  • Single payment coverage
    All you have to do to get this very important health coverage is to pay the Corona Kavach premium at the time of purchase. No worries about remembering and paying a regular monthly or annual premium.
  • Minimal waiting period
    The waiting period for the Corona Kavach policy coverage to start is only 15-days. You can claim and utilize the benefits of the policy after 15 days of its purchase.
  • For people without Medicare
    If you are someone who doesn’t have any health insurance policy, then getting the Corona Kavach policy might be a good option given its affordability and short waiting period.
  • Affordable premium
    The objective of launching the Corona Kavach Policy by the IRDAI was to relieve the financial pressure of the population in these uncertain times and therefore the policy is available at an affordable premium at Star Health.

Why choose Corona Kavach policy from Star Health

Affordable premiums and easy renewals are some of the key features of the Corona Kavach health insurance policy. You can avail timely medical services at our strong network of 11,000+ hospitals across the country. We also have an internal claims team, which specialises in providing quick claim service to all our customers. As a matter of fact, 90% of claims decisions are processed at Star Health in less than 2 hours.
In addition, we also offer an optional benefit of Daily Cash cover at a nominal extra premium to supplement your Corona Kavach plan. This option covers out-of-pocket expenses during Covid-19 hospitalisation, with a fixed daily allowance.
  • Waiting Periods
    The Corona Kavach policy is subject to an initial standard 15-day waiting period. However, if you plan on going for an extended health insurance policy, you can check on the different waiting periods offered and choose the one that suits you and your family’s protection needs best.
  • Cash-free Hospitals
    We provide a network of cash-free hospitals where you can opt for cash-free treatment and this makes the process slightly more convenient than the reimbursement process with the treatment quality and service remaining the same. Therefore, do check out our extensive and growing list of cash-free network hospitals before opting for treatment. You can access this list from the homepage of our website,
    or your policy document.
  • Claim Settlement Ratio
    We believe that people look for a health insurer who will settle their claims quickly in times of need. We have a cashless claim ratio of 90% processed in less than 2 hours as all claims processing is handled internally by a team of experts.

Benefits of Corona Kavach Policy

The key intention of launching the Corona Kavach Covid-19 health insurance policy is to provide wide insurance coverage for Covid-19 treatment. Here are some of the benefits of the Corona Kavach health insurance at a glance.
  • Expenses pertaining to PPE kit, masks, gloves, oxygen, diagnostics, and ventilator fees are covered under the Corona Kavach indemnity Medicare plan.
  • Expenses towards ICU are covered under the Corona Kavach health insurance plan.
  • Road ambulance charges of up to Rs. 2,000 are provided.
  • Room rents and nursing charges are covered under the policy.
  • Home care treatment of up to 14 days is covered under this Mediclaim policy.
  • Coverage for AYUSH treatment.
  • Pre-medical expenses before 15 days of hospitalisation and post-medical expenses after 30 days are covered. This includes diagnostic charges as well.
  • If you choose to take the optional Daily Cash cover under the Corona Kavach policy, the insured person will get 0.5% of the sum insured per day for up to a maximum of 15 days during hospitalisation.
  • Flexible policy tenures of 3.5, 6.5, and 9.5 months.

A Checklist for buying Corona Kavach Policy

  • Corona Kavach is currently not available for purchase online on the Star Health website. However, you can contact our branch office nearest to your where our specialized team are equipped to help you buy the policy in a few simple steps.
  • Unlike the regular health protection plans that come with a 15-day free look period, the Corona Kavach Policy does not come with a free look period. Which means once bought you will have to continue with the policy till its term.
  • Due to the rising Covid-19 cases, especially in metropolitan cities, the number of hospital beds available is limited. However, the Corona Kavach Policy has provisions to cover the treatment prescribed at home also for a maximum of 14 days.

Corona Kavach Vs Regular Health Insurance plans

Star Health continues to provide Top-up plans that can meet the majority of Covid-19 treatment costs. So, do you really need to buy a separate Corona Kavach or taking a top-up would suffice? Read on to get an indication for your purchase decision.

What are Top-Up Plans?

Top-up health insurance works as a recharge to your existing health cover. It adds additional coverage to your existing Medicare policy. So, if the insured amount of your health insurance policy is not enough to cover today's medical expenses, it's a good idea to buy a supplementary plan and increase coverage.
  • A top-up policy works based on the principle of the deductible.
  • A deductible is a sum that the insured is required to pay from their pocket before the policy benefits begin to kick in.
  • Deductibles are normally kept equal to existing health insurance.
  • When compared to a standard health insurance policy, a top-up policy is available at a lower premium.
  • It offers coverage on an individual basis as well as a floater plan.
  • Star Health provides a top-up or recharge plan called Super Surplus, which comes in two variants, Silver and Gold with varied benefits.

Corona Kavach Policy Vs. Regular Plans

Corona Kavach will only cover medical expenses associated with Covid-19. A regular health policy will provide coverage for a wide range of illnesses in addition to covering expenses towards the treatment for coronavirus infection.
It could be a good option to get the Corona Kavach policy given its affordability and short waiting period
Alternate Treatments
A major benefit in the Corona Kavach plan is the provision to cover alternative treatments like Ayurveda, Unaani, Siddha and Homeopathy as well. On the other hand, this coverage is available in selected health protection plans. They may or may not cover alternative treatments.
Floater advantages
The Corona Kavach policy by far can be the best indemnity plan that bears the expenses for the treatment of coronavirus for yourself and your family.
The Corona Kavach contract provides you with short-term benefits and requires a single payment. Furthermore, a standard policy will provide long-term benefits and require renewal at fixed intervals.
Waiting Period
The waiting period for Corona Kavach policy is 15 days, compared to a regular policy requiring a standard waiting period of 30 days or more based on that specific plan’s terms and conditions.
Which one should you choose?
The secret to choosing a perfect medical insurance plan is that there is no secret to it. It relies purely on the coverage benefits of your existing plans and on your flexibility to accommodate the add-ons.

Corona Kavach Policy

It is of great importance to know that the Corona Kavach policy proves to be economic and suitable for all. Even though it cannot replace a comprehensive health cover, it is highly recommended to consider this policy if you are currently not insured under any medical insurance.

Regular Plans

If you are already covered with standard medical insurance, we advise you to talk to our support team to opt for a top-up or upgrade your coverage that bears the expenses for the treatment of Covid-19 as well.


What is Corona Kavach Insurance Policy?

The Corona Kavach is an indemnity-based coronavirus medical insurance policy issued under the guidelines of IRDAI which means that it indemnifies the hospital expenses incurred and you can avail reimbursement for the same up to the sum insured in the policy. The Corona Kavach Policy covers the cost of treatment for Covid-19 including expenses for hospitalisation, pre and post-hospitalisation, home care treatment and AYUSH treatment and more in case the policyholder tests positive for Covid-19.

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