• For the following products
      1. Waiting period for COVID -19 claims has been reduced to 15 days
      2. Hospitalization for COVID -19 will not have an impact on the bonus eligibility under the policy
      Note: The above benefits are available up to 31.03.2021 without additional premium
      Product Name
      Unique ID
      S.No1Product NameMedi classic Insurance Policy (Individual) Unique IDSHAHLIP21215V052021
      S.No2Product NameStar Comprehensive Insurance PolicyUnique IDSHAHLIP21263V062021
      S.No3Product NameYoung Star Insurance Policy Unique IDSHAHLIP21217V032021
      S.No4Product NameFamily Health Optima Insurance PlanUnique IDSHAHLIP21211V042021
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