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World Hepatitis Day

Fast facts on hepatitis

Here are some key points about hepatitis

The five main types of hepatitis are caused by viruses: they are hepatitis A/B/C/D and E

  • Globally, around 250 million people are affected by hepatitis C and 300 million people are estimated to be hepatitis B carriers.

Types of hepatitis:

  • Hepatitis A is caused by consuming contaminated food or water.
  • Hepatitis B is a sexually transmitted disease .
  • Hepatitis C is commonly spread via direct contact with the blood of a person who has the disease.
  • A person can only become infected with hepatitis D if they are already infected with hepatitis B.
  • Person can become infected with the hepatitis E virus (HEV) by drinking contaminated water.
  • Hepatitis that cannot be attributed to one of the viral forms of the disease is called hepatitis X.
  • Hepatitis G is another type of hepatitis caused by a specific virus (HGV).

The initial symptoms of hepatitis are similar to those of flu

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day


Routine childhood hepatitis A vaccination, which is implemented in many countries, has significantly reduced new cases of Hepatitis A by 95 percent between 1995 (12 cases per 100,000 people ) to 2010 (less than 1 case per 100,000 people), according to the CDC US Statistics.

Hepatitis B vaccination is also available, and it is 95 percent effective in preventing viral infections and its chronic consequences, according to the WHO.

Although there is no vaccine for hepatitis D, the disease can still be prevented by vaccinating against hepatitis B.

Babies born to mothers infected with hepatitis B should receive hepatitis B immune globulin and the hepatitis B vaccine within 12 hours of birth to help prevent infection, the NIH says.

Hepatitis has an impact on the health & economy of a nation and should be dealt with as an important health issue.

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