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Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy

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Plan Essentials


Unique Product

Specially designed policy for individuals aged between 10 and 65 years who have a history of cardiac ailments.

Flexible Cover

This Policy covers surgical and non-surgical treatments for cardiac and non-cardiac ailments. Cardiac ailments are covered after 90 days.

Policy Term

This policy can be availed for a term of one, two or three years.

Sum Insured

The Sum Insured options under this policy are Rs. 3,00,000/- and Rs. 4,00,000/-.

Personal Accident Cover

Worldwide personal accident cover is provided in case of death due to accidents during the policy period.

Outpatient Cover

Reasonably and necessarily incurred outpatient expenses at Network Hospitals in India are covered up to the limits mentioned in the policy clause.

Instalment Options

The policy premium can be paid on a quarterly or half-yearly basis. It can also be paid on an annual, biennial (once in 2 years) and triennial (once in 3 years) basis.

Understand what’s included

SECTION I - Accident & Non-Cardiac Ailment

InformationGold PlanSilver Plan

In-patient Hospitalisation

Hospitalisation expenses incurred for a period of more than 24 hours on account of  illness, injury or accidents are covered. 


In addition to in-patient hospitalisation, the medical expenses incurred up to 30 days before the date of admission to the hospital are also covered.


Post-hospitalisation medical expenses incurred up to 60 days from the date of discharge from the hospital are covered up to 7% of the hospitalisation expenses subject to the maximum of Rs. 5000/- per hospitalisation.

Room Rent

Room, boarding and nursing expenses incurred during in-patient hospitalisation are covered up to 2% of the Sum Insured subject to the maximum of Rs. 5000/- per day.

Road Ambulance

Ambulance charges are covered up to Rs. 750/- per hospitalisation and Rs. 1500/- per policy period for transportation of the insured person to the hospital by private ambulance service.

Day Care Procedures

Medical treatments and surgical procedures that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation due to technological advancements are covered.

Modern Treatment

Expenses incurred for modern treatments such as Oral Chemotherapy, Intra Vitreal injections, Robotic Surgeries, etc. are covered up to the limits mentioned in the policy clause.

Cataract Treatment

Expenses incurred for Cataract treatment are payable up to the limits mentioned in the policy clause.


If the insured person purchases or renews the policy at 61 years of age or above, then he/she is subjected to the co-payment of 10% for each and every claim amount.

SECTION II - Cardiac Ailments

Cardiac Ailments (Surgical /Interventional Management, Medical Management)

All the features mentioned in Section I will be covered along with cardiac related complications that requires in-patient hospitalisation in Gold Plan under this policy.

Cardiac Ailments (Only Surgical /Interventional Management)

All the features mentioned in Section I will be covered along with cardiac related complications that requires surgery or intervention in Silver Plan under this policy.

SECTION III - Out Patient Benefits

Gold PlanSilver Plan

Out Patient Expenses

Reasonably and necessarily incurred outpatient expenses at Network Hospitals in India are covered up to Rs. 500/- per event subject to a maximum of Rs. 1500/- per policy period.

SECTION IV - Personal Accident Benefit for Death

Gold PlanSilver Plan

Personal Accident Cover

Worldwide personal accident cover is provided in the event of unfortunate death of the insured person due to accidents during the policy period.
Please refer to the Policy Documents to know the policy details and Terms & Conditions.

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Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy


Cardiac ailments have been rising at an alarming rate in India. Treatment for cardiac diseases can be expensive. In this ongoing pandemic situation and the surging costs of the healthcare system have made many realize the importance of health insurance for cardiac related ailments. It’s therefore vital to have an insurance plan that financially protects you from the risk of cardiac ailments. For this very purpose, Star Health presents the Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy, a health insurance plan for individuals who have undergone heart surgery, bypass or stenting procedures.

What Is Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy?

Cardiac care insurance is one of the kind policies in the industry offering complete cover for cardiac and non-cardiac treatments. It provides health insurance for heart patients and ensures coverage for all their cardiovascular needs. It’s is a combination of cardio vascular and regular hospitalization needs.


This helps ease the financial burden of those in such situation of treating repeat heart ailments and provides sufficient expense coverage.


This policy also covers multiple claims for various heart conditions. These claims are, however, subject to the sum insured. Cardiac care insurance policy offers surgical, non-surgical treatments and benefits like cover for modern treatments, outpatient care and Personal Accident cover for death due to accident.

Entry Age10 years to 65 years
Policy period1 year/ 2 years / 3 years
Plan variantsGold and Silver
Sum Insured₹3 lakhs and ₹4 lakhs
Co-paymentIf age of entry is 61 yrs and above 10% to all admissible claims
Waiting Periods for non-cardiac ailmentsPED-48 monthsSpecific Diseases- 24 monthsInitial waiting period – 30 days (except for accidents)

Coverage under Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy Gold Plan and Silver Plan


SectionGold PlanSilver Plan
1Applicable for accident and non-cardiac ailmentsApplicable for accident and non-cardiac ailments
2Applicable for Cardiac Ailments and complications. Cover is available for both surgical intervention and medical management.Applicable for Cardiac Ailments and complications. Cover available only for surgical intervention.
3Outpatient expenses in networked facilityOutpatient expenses in networked facility
4Personal Accident: Death only cover equal to chosen sum insuredPersonal Accident: Death only cover equal to chosen sum insured
Waiting period applicable for cardiac treatments is 90 days only.

Inclusions of Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy


Cardiac insurance provides a wide range of expense coverage for cardiac as well as non-cardiac ailments. The salient feature of this policy is that it covers people who have already had a heart condition or procedure. If you have undergone a heart surgery or a procedure in the last 7 years, it is advisable to purchase a cardiac care policy because you are at greater risk of cardiac ailments.


Hospitalisation expenses for non-cardiac ailment and accidents


Star Cardiac Care will cover hospitalisation expenses if the insured person requires to be hospitalised for treatment at the hospital for at least 24 hours during the policy period. The plan will cover expenses incurred towards the following: 


  • Room rent, boarding, and nursing expenses are covered up to Rs.5000 per day.
  • Emergency ambulance charges up to ₹750 per hospitalisation and ₹ 1500 per policy period
  • Pre hospitalisation expenses for a period not exceeding 30 days prior to the date of hospitalisation
  • Post hospitalisation expenses for a period not exceeding 60 days after discharge from hospital. The amount payable shall not exceed the sum equivalent to 7% of the hospitalisation expenses subject to a maximum of ₹ 5000 per hospitalisation.


Daycare treatments/procedures


The policy covers expenses for all daycare procedures, surgeries, and treatments that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation as per the policy terms.


Cataract treatment


The policy covers expenses incurred for cataract treatment up to ₹30,000 entire policy period.


Pre-insurance medical screening


No pre-insurance medical screening is required. It is enough to submit previous medical records including details of the latest treatment along with the proposal form.


Personal Accident coverage: Star Health Cardiac Care Insurance provides a worldwide cover and compensates for accidental death equal to the sum insured opted for.


Modern Treatments covered under the Cardiac Care Insurance Policy


Some modern treatments are covered under Star Cardiac Insurance. The coverage details are as follows: The limits are mentioned in the Policy Clause.


  • Uterine artery embolization and HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound)
  • Balloon sinuplasty
  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Oral chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapies - monoclonal antibody to be given as an injection
  • Intra vitreal injections
  • Robotic surgeries
  • Stereotactic radio surgeries
  • Bronchial Thermoplasty
  • Vaporisation of the prostrate
  • ION M Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring
  • Stem cell therapy


The following is a partial listing of policy exclusions. A detailed list of all exclusions is included in the policy document.


While Star Health Cardiac Care Policy offers comprehensive coverage for both cardiac and non-cardiac ailments, a few exclusions come under the purview of this policy. These exclusions are as follows:


  • Diagnostic expenses which are not related to the current diagnosis and treatment are excluded
  • Expenses for custodial care and services for terminally ill patients
  • Gender change procedures
  • Cosmetic/plastic surgeries
  • Hospitalization or treatment due to hazardous of adventure sports/activities
  • Expenses for treatment arising out of any criminal activity
  • Expenses for treating alcohol, drugs, and other substance abuse.
  • Expenses for treating infertility
  • Maternity expenses and expenses toward miscarriage (unless due to an accident)
  • Treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Bodily harm or disease arising out of a war or war-like situation


Policyholders whose age at the time of entry is 61 years and above for fresh and renewal policies. Are required to provide a co-payment of 10% at the inception and on renewal as well.