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9 Important Nutrition During Pregnancy

Introduction The pregnancy period is very crucial and important in a woman’s life. Women tend to experience changes physically and mentally. The transition from a girl to a woman happens during the pregnancy period. Uncomplicated pregnancies can also have certain emotional and physical changes. Nutrition plays a crucial role in these physical and emotional changes. …

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Importance of Hydration

The human body needs water to survive. Each and every part of the human body, like the cells, tissues and organs, needs water to function properly. There are many reasons why the body needs water, such as removing waste, maintaining body temperature, and lubricating the joints. 

Height boosting supplements

The Efficacy of Height-Boosting Supplements

After puberty, it is not often that a person experiences growth. However, there are measures that one can take during adolescence to optimize growth potential. These practices should be done regularly, even after the person reaches adulthood, to gain overall well-being and to maintain one’s height. In addition to this, height-boosting supplements taken in certain stages of life can turn out beneficial. 

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