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Student Care

  •  Cover for  Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability.
  •  Hospitalization Expenses for Accidental Injuries.
  •  Educational grant on Death /Permanent Disability of the parent (Bread winner).
  •  College Student Care Insurance : IRDAI/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/101/13-14.
  •  School Student Care Insurance : IRDAI/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/103/13-14.

Recharge Benefit

Policy Benefits:

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent total disability following an accident.


Additional Benefits of the student insurance policy:

  • Hospitalization cover for Rs.5000/- is available under all student care insurance following an accident. This includes a limit of out-patient treatment of Rs.1000/- for School students and Rs.2000/- for College students
  • Educational grant to students is available in case of death or permanent disability of the earning parent / guardian up to Rs.5000/- for a school student and Rs.10, 000/- for a college student. This amount can be availed once during the policy period


  • Students can be covered between the age of 3 years and 18 years under SCHOOL STUDENT CARE INSURANCE & between the age of 15 years and 25 years under COLLEGE STUDENT CARE INSURANCE
  • Schools, Colleges and other Research institutions can avail the policy
  • Sum Insured for Basic Cover (Death and Permanent Disability):
    • School Students - Rs.50,000/-
    • College Students Rs.1,00,000/-
  • The sum insured can be increased in multiples of Rs.10, 000 up to a maximum of Rs.1, 00,000 at an additional premium of Rs.0.60 per mille

General Terms

Tax Benefits:
Amount paid by any mode other than by cash for this insurance is eligible for relief under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.


Free Look Period:
A free look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy is available for reviewing the policy terms and conditions. In case insured is not satisfied he can seek cancellation of the policy and in such event the Company will allow refund of premium after adjusting the cost of pre-acceptance of medical screening , stamp duty charges and proportionate risk premium for the period concerned provided no claim has been made until such cancellation. Free look cancellation is not applicable at the time of renewal.


NOTE: Renewal premium, terms and conditions are subject to change with prior approval from IRDAI.

Star Advantage

  •  24x 7 toll-free helpline
  •  Facility for maintaining personal health records in electronic format
  •  For details contact toll free no 1800 425 2255 / 1800 102 4477.

Premium Chart

Premium without tax
SCHOOL STUDENTS ( from 3 yrs – 18 yrs)
SUM INSURED Rs. Premium (Rs.)
50,000 70
1,00,000 100
COLLEGE STUDENTS (from 15 – 25 yrs)
75,000 120
1,00,000 135
2,00,000 195
Premium with tax @18%
SCHOOL STUDENTS ( from 3 yrs – 18 yrs)
SUM INSURED Rs. Premium (Rs.)
50,000 83
1,00,000 118
COLLEGE STUDENTS (from 15 – 25 yrs)
75,000 142
1,00,000 159
2,00,000 230
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