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Unipolar Depression

Unipolar Depression: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

What is unipolar depression? Unipolar depression is also called as major depressive disorder, clinical depression or major depression. People affected with unipolar depression will experience a continuous feeling of sadness and lack of interest in everything. People with unipolar depression will not undergo any cycles of other mental states like mania that occur in bipolar …

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Celebrity Worship Syndrome

All about Celebrity Worship Syndrome

Having a crush on a famous personality is common! One typical trait of us is fangirling or fanboying over attractive actors, sports persons and actresses. But do we know there’s a distinction between admiration for someone and obsession with them? Experts claim that the latter could be a symptom of celebrity worship syndrome (CWS). Let’s …

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Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm Disorder

Sleep is one of the most basic human requirements. Proper sleep is very much essential for many aspects of an individual’s health, including mood maintenance, hormone levels and weight management. Not everyone gets adequate sleep every day. Getting enough sleep regularly is a blessing. Sleep patterns have become erratic since the invention of electricity and …

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