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Withdrawn Products


S.NO Product Name UIN Date of Withdrawn
1 Medi Premier Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/174/13-14 29.01.2016
2 Janata Personal Accident Insurance Policy (Group) IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/105/13-14 29.01.2016
3 Janatha Personal Accident Insurance Policy(Individual) IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-P/V.I/137/13-14 29.01.2016
4 Star Family Travel Protect Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-T/V.I/141/13-14 29.01.2016
5 Star Shri Individual Care Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HTL/SHAI/P-H/V.I/163/13-14 06.11.2015
6 Star Shri Family Care Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HTL/SHAI/P-H/V.I/165/13-14 06.11.2015
7 Health All Care Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/168/13-14 01.11.2017
8 Star Micro Health Insurance  IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/131/13-14 31.03.2018
9 Star Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/277/13-14 01.04.2018
10 Medi-classic (Group) Insurance  IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/100/13-14 01.04.2018
11 Star Unique Health Insurance Policy IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/135/13-14 01.04.2018
12 Star Wedding Gift Insurance IRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/133/13-14 01.04.2018
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