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    List of Withdrawn Products.

    S.NoProduct NameUINDate of Withdrawn
    1Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)SHAHLIP21216V02202124-10-2022
    2Corona Rakshak Policy, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd.SHAHLIP21067V01202101-10-2022
    3Corona Kavach Policy, Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd.SHAHLIP21066V01202101-10-2022
    4Star Care Micro Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21180V02202101-11-2021
    5Star Family Delite Insurance PolicySHAHLIP21178V02202101-11-2021
    6Star Group Hospital Cash Insurance PolicySHAHLGP029V01192030-09-2021
    7Swastha KutumbamSHAHLGP18082V01171815-04-2021
    8Star Group Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) (COVID-19) Insurance PolicySHAHLGP21003V01202115-04-2021
    9Star First DeliteSHAHLIP18031V02171801-08-2020
    10Star First Micro CareSHAHLIP18033V02171801-08-2020
    11Star First ComprehensiveSHAHLIP18036V02171801-08-2020
    12Star First ClassicSHAHLIP18030V02171801-08-2020
    13Star First OptimaSHAHLlP18039V02171801-08-2020
    14Star Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/277/13-1401-04-2018
    15Medi-classic (Group) InsuranceIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/100/13-1401-04-2018
    16Star Wedding Gift InsuranceIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/133/13-14 01-04-2018
    17Star Unique Health Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/135/13-14 01-04-2018
    18Star Micro Health InsuranceIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/131/13-14 31-03-2018
    19Health All Care Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/168/13-14 01-11-2017
    20Star Family Travel Protect Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-T/V.I/141/13-14 29-01-2016
    21Janatha Personal Accident GroupIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/105/13-14 29-01-2016
    22Janatha Personal Accident IndividualIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-P/V.I/137/13-14 29-01-2016
    23Medi Premier Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HLT/SHAI/P-H/V.I/174/13-14 29-01-2016
    24Star Shri Family Care Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HTL/SHAI/P-H/V.I/165/13-1406-11-2015
    25Star Shri Individual Care Insurance PolicyIRDA/NL-HTL/SHAI/P-H/V.I/163/13-14 06-11-2015
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