Is Stem Cell Therapy covered in Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

What are Stem cells?

Stem cells are unprocessed materials from which all the other cells with specific functions are generated. Stem cells are also called master cells of the body that generates into bone cells, blood cells, brain cells, etc. With the help of these cells, many diseases and medical conditions are treated.

Where are Stem cells found?

Stem cells are primarily found in the bone marrow. Blood cells from the soft bone marrow are generated, matured, and released into the bloodstream.

Stem cells are found mainly in two sources like embryos and adult body tissues. in other body organs like the brain, blood, bone marrow, muscle, skin, heart, and liver tissues. These cells are quiescent until required to regenerate the damaged tissue.

Do I get coverage for Stem Cell Therapy?

 Whenever a person is unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for Stem Cell Therapy, finds it difficult to pay the medical charges. To pull them up from that situation purchasing a policy from a right Health Insurance Company is recommended.

Almost all Star Health Insurance Policies provide coverage for Stem Cell Therapy provided it is indicated based on evidence based medicine and is recommended by the treating doctor.

Among them, Star Health Premier Insurance Policy and Star Family Health Optima Insurance Policy are discussed here as they pay keen attention to modern treatments, including Stem Cell Therapy.

Star Health Premier Insurance policy

Family Health Optima Insurance Plan

Stem cell treatment is indicated for haematological malignancies and hence covered under Insurance. Through this policy, the insured person can avail the coverage for Stem Cell Therapy under modern treatment.


The sub-limits of this cover are included for pre- and post-hospitalisation along with the in-patient hospitalisation expenses.

People with cancer, Diabetes, and cardiac disease can utilise some special policies like Star Cancer Care Platinum Insurance Policy, Diabetes Safe Insurance Policy, Star Cardiac Care Insurance Policy, etc. These policies provide cover for Stem Cell Therapy under modern treatment coverage apart from the coverage for these diseases.

As the specified diseases will burn a hole in your pocket with the medical bills, you have to pay the medical expenses out of your savings. By availing such policies your burden of medical expenses for your treatment will be reduced. You can avail cover for Stem Cell Therapy under these policies.

In a Nutshell

Opting for the right policy from the right Health Insurance Company will make you free from medical debts. Visit Star Health website for more details regarding the policy.


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