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Q4 2017-2018

Public Disclosure of 2017 - 2018 - Annual
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NL-1 Revenue Account View
NL-2 Profit & Loss Account View
NL-3 Balance Sheet View
NL-4 Premium Schedule View
NL-5 Claims Schedule View
NL-6 Commission Schedule View
NL-7 Operating Expenses View
NL-8 Share Capital View
NL-9 Pattern of Share holding View
NL-10 Reserves and Surplus View
NL-11 Borrowings View
NL-12 Investments View
NL-12A Investments View
NL-13 Loans View
NL-14 Fixed Assets View
NL-15 Cash and Bank Balance View
NL-16 Advances & Other Assets View
NL-17 Current Liabilities View
NL-18 Provisions View
NL-19 Misc Expenditure View
NL-20 Receipts & Payments Schedule View
NL-21 Statement of Liabilities View
NL-22 Geographical Distribution of Business View
NL-23 Reinsurance Risk Concentration View
NL-24 Ageing of Claims View
NL-25 Claims Data View
NL-26 Claims Information View
NL-27 Office Opening View
NL-28 Statement of Investment of Assets View
NL-29 Debt Securities View
NL-30 Analytical Ratios View
NL-31 Related Party Transactions View
NL-32 Product Information View
NL-33 Solvency Margin View
NL-34 Board of Directors & Management View
NL-35 NPAs View
NL-36 Yield of Investment View
NL-37 Downgrading of Investments View
NL-38 Quarterly Business Returns for different lines of business View
NL-39 Rural & Social Sector obligations View
NL-40 Business Acquisitions through different channels View
NL-41 Grievance Disposal View
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