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7 side effects of tobacco


Tobacco is nothing but a leaf and the product made from tobacco leaves are unhealthy for our body. One of the most sought-after products prepared from the leaves of tobacco is Cigarettes. Cigarettes are generally prepared from dried tobacco leaves.

Tobacco is a highly hazardous substance; it feels good and gives a sense of relief to the person during intake but leads to the cause of multiple diseases including cancer and heart attack. The WHO has ascertained that the prevention of tobacco consumption is the only way of curtailing maximum death happening on the planet. 

This statement from the top health governing authority of the world signifies the maligning severity of the frequent usage of tobacco. The anti-tobacco day is celebrated worldwide to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco.

In this article, we have formulated the top 7 dreadful side effects of tobacco and its Complications. Do check out further for more exclusive information.

1. Lung and respiratory infection

When you smoke, harmful chemicals enter your lungs and damage your lung tissues. This may turn your healthy lungs black in colour. Smoking also increases your chances of cancer and several lung disorders. It is incredibly hard to retrieve your lung back to normal once it gets affected by cancer. So, abstain from smoking and increase your life span.

2. Brain damage

Whenever smoke reaches the brain, it may lead to the release of a chemical named dopamine. Dopamine gives a self-satisfactory feeling like happiness and concentration and refreshes your mind with agility. This interim satisfaction may end up in traumatic conditions leading to severe brain damage.

3. Vein and artery problems

Nicotine is one of the bad chemicals present in tobacco. This chemical gradually reduces the size and intensity of vein and artery that helps in the flow of blood to the heart and other vital organs. The tobacco content present in nicotine makes your heart palpitate more than usual. This gradually makes your heart fragile and slows your blood and oxygen supply to the entire body. Smoking increases hypertension and blood pressure which may end up in massive cardiac arrest or heart attack. Bear these breathtaking tobacco side effects in your mind before consuming them.

4. Hair and skin loss

A regular smoker may observe sudden unforeseen changes in the superficial layer of his/her skin. This change in skin is due to excessive smoking that may annihilate your skin terribly. Tobacco changes the structure and layer of the skin. Smoking likely increases the possibility of getting prone to fungal nail infections and occasionally skin cancer. Wrinkles can also be seen often in people who smoke at regular intervals.

Nicotine also deteriorates hair growth and causes hair problems like balding and greying.

5. Indigestion problems

Smoking causes cancers in the areas like the mouth, throat, larynx, and esophagus. The saddest part here is that even the people who inhaled smoke were affected by mouth cancer.

Smoking drops your insulin level that may increase your risk of diabetes and its complications that are developing at a faster rate to people who don’t smoke. 

6. Infertility

Infertility health issues have now become the contemporary problem of the 21st century. Infertility is caused due to multiple reasons, and one of the main reasons is smoking. Women who have recurring smoking habits are likely to be affected by infertility, either short-term or long-term, based on their body conditions.  

7. Blood clotting and blood cancer

Blood clotting is a disorder commonly seen in people who smoke incessantly without control. The tobacco present in smoke contaminates the blood flow passing through different areas of the body by accumulating tobacco toxins in the passage of the blood flow. Sometimes, it may cause blood cancer due to complications. These two disorders are extremely venomous to the human body and may cause prompt death to the victim.


The side effects of tobacco elaborated in the blog are limited, the actual side effects of tobacco are countless and it depends based on the victim’s condition. Quitting the smoke is the predominant way to reduce all the possible side effects of tobacco. If you compare the life span of a person who doesn’t smoke and the person who smokes you can vividly conclude that a lifetime of a man who never smokes is substantially higher than a man who smokes. 

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