What is a cumulative bonus in Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

“A ‘no claim bonus‘ or ‘cumulative bonus’ is a benefit provided by insurance providers to policyholders who do not file any claims throughout the policy year. This reward is extended in the next coverage year without increasing the premium.

In other words, this benefit is carried over to the next year in the form of an increase in the limit of coverage (basic Sum insured + cumulative bonus) without any additional cost to the policyholder. It is a reward for not utilizing the insurance coverage provided.”

However, it’s important to note that not all health insurance plans offer cumulative bonus, and those that do may have different terms and conditions, such as the rate of bonus increase or the length of time required to remain claim-free before the bonus kicks in.

It’s also important to read the fine print of your policy and understand the terms and conditions so you can take full advantage of the cumulative bonus.

In conclusion, the cumulative bonus is a fantastic feature provided by health insurance a company that rewards policyholders for staying claim-free and can increase the value of their coverage over time. It is essential to check if your plan has this feature and understand its terms and conditions.

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What is a cumulative bonus in health insurance?

A cumulative bonus is a feature of some health insurance plans that reward policyholders for remaining claim-free over a certain period of time.

How does cumulative bonus work?

When a policyholder remains claim-free for a policy period of, their sum insured increases by a certain percentage. For example, if a policyholder has a sum insured of Rs. 500,000 and a cumulative bonus of 10%, is eligible for the claim-free year, their  limit of coverage is increased to Rs.5,50,000. ( Basic Sum insured of RS.5 lakhs + 10% Cumulative Bonus of 50,000).

What are the benefits of having cumulative bonus in my health insurance policy?

Cumulative bonus can provide more value to your health insurance policy.  It also offers more coverage in case of a medical emergency or illness.

Do all health insurance plans offer a cumulative bonus?

No, not all health insurance plans offer cumulative bonuses. It’s important to check if your plan includes this feature before purchasing.

What happens if I make a claim while having a cumulative bonus?

Making a claim will reset the cumulative bonus, and you will have to start from the initial sum insured again. It differs from Product to product.

How can I check if my health insurance plan has a cumulative bonus?

You can check the details of your health insurance policy or contact your insurance provider for more information. It’s also a good idea to compare different plans and their features before purchasing to ensure you get the best coverage for your needs.


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