Does your Health Insurance cover Organ Transplantation?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

What is Organ Transplantation cover?

Transplanting the donated organ from the Donor to the Recipient (one in need) through surgery is called Organ Transplantation. This transplantation surgery is challenging to perform, so it costs to the extent of draining your savings.

Paying medical bills without a policy cover is biting off more than you can chew for the Recipient. If the Recipient is insured, he/she can avail the Organ Transplantation coverage for the medical expenses if the ailment is not preexisting if the policy provides such unique benefits. In general, the Recipient can utilize the Health Insurance for other medical expenses as well.

Most of the health insurance policies cover Organ transplantation. Waiting period may apply. Donor expenses may be covered in certain policies up to a limit

Before opting for a policy, you are asked to go through the policy clause and make yourself aware of the benefits covered by the policy.

Does your Health Insurance cover Organ Transplantation surgery?

Some policies purchased by the Recipient-Insured Person cover the Donor’s surgical and ICU admission charges. The limits of the provided cover are up to the Insured Sum, and the insured person cannot get a share from the assigned amount.

You must be clear here that no policy of an insured person will cover the pre- and post-screening expenses of the Donor.

Winding up

In a nutshell, Organ Transplantation is a complex process which needs the dedication of many doctors and the Donor’s donation to retrieve the failed organ of Recipients, as every Recipient wants to live a healthy and happy life.

As already mentioned, organ transplant surgery is a complex task involving a multidisciplinary approach. It adds more pressure to medical bills on your shoulder. Though Organ Transplantation surgery is expensive, the Recipients can pay their bills without any complications with the help of their Insurance policy.

See the policy clause on our official website before opting for it, as you can be stress-free when you undergo transplantation surgery.


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