From Autism to Awesome

A Beautiful Way of Being

When I was told that my dear child was in the autistic spectrum, not only was I clueless about the way ahead but also I could hardly accept the information. As time passed, my little Buddha redefined our journey of life, exposing the colors of the spectrum and making every day so vibrant with a quest to conquer.

“No two children in the spectrum are the same, and their behaviors are never-ending ordeals,” they said.

Indeed, no two humans beings are the same. But don’t we, the so-called neurotypical or normal people, also exhibit varied behaviors in every stage of life and with every change of situation? What is the basis of labeling someone as autistic?

Hence I came up with my own label: From Autism to Awesome!

It’s a beautiful way of being.

I believe my child is not someone with disease or disability, but he is designed by Nature to connect with his soul and not by his deeds. The more I looked for an inner answer, through self-connection, the more I started enjoying rhythm to learn, update and facilitate in order to align with my son. As a result I started to live this moment, stopped worrying about being accepted by the society, and dropped all questions like “What after me?”

It’s all about rediscovering the child in you: being a buddy to your child, keeping him or her in the first place.

In the family our son is not special but equal. We include him in every way and discuss every crucial thing with him, trusting that he understands and participates. I had to work ahead, giving him exposure to neighborhood bonding and making sure that he is respected more than accepted, just like you and me. Probing his strengths and needs, we structured routines and gave him sensory diets. A hammock between windows, involving him in kitchen activities, playing with water at bathing time, blowing bubbles over the balcony, feeding birds, kick-scooter from room to room – every small thing brought magical moments along!

Every behavior is a mode of communication; it has a purpose. And looking closely at that purpose can unwind many knots and help the child to bloom and blossom.

Now when I recollect declarations and statements such as “Autistic children show inappropriate emotions”, I can’t help believing that what is termed as ‘inappropriate emotions’ is in fact the expression of the child’s sensory needs. The personal diary of Aishwarya@Aishy brings out this emotional quotient of children in the ‘spectrum’ quite beautifully.

And this kind of sensory integration, in a lovely natural way, exposed the passionate side of my child too.

Training in self-help, helping in household activities, developing and enjoying culinary skills for olfactory needs, sports for hormonal balance, skill training for safety and vocational benefits, social exposure through simulation along with academics according to the interest and ability of the child, helps molding them into awesome beings capable of spreading a colorful spectrum of kindness, unconditional love, honesty, simplicity, spirituality, living in the moment, and absolute acceptance.

As parents, you are chosen to explore the colors and expand the horizon of the spectrum. It’s just awesome.

Love, light and energy to dear co-passengers!

Gayathri Sridhar

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