Why do you need health insurance coverage after retirement?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


Whether you’re just starting in your job, nearing retirement, or have already retired, it’s essential to recognise and plan for life after retirement. People should consider preparing financially for the high cost of health care during retirement.

Health insurance might provide access to preventive care, such as regular checkups and medical screenings. This can help detect health problems early when they are often more treatable and less expensive to manage during your golden age.

The costs of healthcare in retirement

Retirement is supposed to be a great time of your life, especially if you have prepared, saved, and can live comfortably. On the other hand, unexpected medical bills can get in the way of your joy. Certain expenses, such as premiums and frequent medical exams or checkups, can be predicted, but you should consider how you will handle all the payments without any hassles.

By covering a certain portion of your medical costs, health insurance might help reduce the amount of money you have to pay from your pocket for medical treatments and services. This can be especially helpful if you have a chronic condition like diabetes, where the prevalence is much higher in older adults. The Indian Council of Medical Research estimates that around 20-30% of people aged 60 and over have diabetes requiring ongoing medical care.

The risks of going without Health Insurance during retirement

Medical inflation has been rising globally, and India is no exception. Any medical treatment, whether it be a doctor’s visit or the expense of a hospital stay, can have a significant effect on your finances. Health insurance covers certain medical expenses without dipping into your retirement savings and other plans.

Even if old age treats you well and you don’t require ongoing medical care, it is always advisable to get regular health checkups to ensure everything is well and that you are in good health. The necessity for regular health checkups and diagnoses could put a huge dent in your pocket, and with Health Insurance, you could secure yourself from certain potential financial risks.

How to choose the right Health Insurance plan

It is essential to review your Health Insurance plans and compare them with other available health insurance options each year, as the insurance market can change. Consider the following factors to choose suitable Health Insurance plans for senior citizens.

Sum insured

Every senior citizen or retired people must enroll in a Health Insurance Policy as getting older increases your chance of acquiring certain diseases and infections. Consider a health insurance plan that can cover medical costs, from routine checkups to hospitalisation. Therefore, while choosing a senior health insurance coverage, make sure the sum insured amount is sufficient.

Age Limit for Entry

You should determine your eligibility for subscribing to a particular plan before choosing it because certain Health Insurance Policy often has a certain age of entry at which coverage can begin. As a result, it is best to look for plans considering your age.

Waiting Period

Many coverage options in Health Insurance Policy come with specific waiting periods. You must carefully study the policy wordings to learn about the cover for critical illnesses and pre-existing conditions, etc., that goes into effect.

Policy Inclusions and Exclusions

Any health insurance policy’s inclusions and exclusions will decide how much coverage it provides. Therefore, reviewing the policy is advisable before choosing a health insurance coverage.


After having worked for 35-40 years of your life, you deserve to have a stress-free life post-retirement, when you can spend more time with the family, pursue hobbies, and not worry about rising medical bills in the event of a hospitalisation. So, consider opting for a Health Insurance Policy to relieve yourself of the financial burden during retirement. 


Why do I need health insurance after retirement?

As senior citizens are more prone to illness and injury and may need more medical care, health insurance can assist in reducing the financial burden of medical care.

How much does healthcare cost in retirement?

The cost of senior health insurance can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s age, medical history, and coverage.

What happens if I don’t have health insurance in retirement?

 If you don’t have health insurance during your retirement your savings could take a dip in case of certain unexpected medical emergencies.

How do I choose the right health insurance plan for me?

You could consider the sum insured, waiting period, pre-existing conditions, etc., to choose the right health insurance that meets your requirements.


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