How Much Health Insurance coverage do You Need in India?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


Planning to buy a Health Insurance policy from your Health Insurance company is a good idea. A few people may find it difficult in  buying the right policy for themselves and their family, and a few other people buy a random policy which may not suit their requirements.

How much Health Insurance is required for your family?

Having a Health Insurance policy is crucial for every individual. The Health Insurance plan has become a necessary lifestyle.

Protecting your family from medical emergencies is very important. Many Health Insurance companies ensure to provide you good coverage at affordable premium.

Acquiring financial support from a Health Insurance company is highly required for expensive medical treatments. Due to that reason, every family member must have a Health Insurance policy.

Individual policy as well as the floater policy provides good financial protection and help the them at the time of financial crisis. If you have a family, select a family floater plan to eliminate financial burden.

For example, the policyholder opted for an Individual health plan of Rs.15 Lakhs for which they are paying the Premium of Rs. 15,000/- (approx.). If they opt for an Individual plan for 4 family members, the policyholder must pay around Rs.60,000/-.

On the other hand, if an individual opts for a family floater plan for themself and their family members, the policyholder is supposed to pay Rs. 25,000/-(approx.) which saves their money.

How much Health Insurance is required for your parents?

If you are going to buy health Insurance for parents who are above the age of 60 consider buying a Health Insurance plan, we have specific plans for them.

Things to remember before opting for a Health Insurance policy

A few things to be considered before buying a Health Insurance policy that are listed as follows.

1. Type of Health Insurance plan

If you are buying a health plan for yourself and your family, choose a family floater plan of a reasonable amount which saves your money and ensures hassle-free treatment.

2. Hospital of your choice

You can get a cashless treatment if you get hospitalised in the Network Hospital of the Health Insurance Company.

After the treatment, they can claim reimbursements from the Health Insurance company if the treatment is taken at non-network hospital.

3. Age

Buying a Health Insurance policy at an young age is more beneficial than purchasing it in your old age. It is because people are more prone to diseases as they age. And as you age, the premium will also increase. So opt for the right Health Insurance policy at a young age.

4. Affordability

A Health Insurance plan must give financial assistance to the policyholder at an affordable premium. In general, cost of insurance premium is based on the Sum insured opted.

It is always wise to choose good plan with decent sum insured at an affordable premium. For this, you have to check with different plans of the Insurance company and then go for a buy.


Leading a peaceful life is an essential need for every individual. When a person is hospitalised for treatment, they must pay a huge amount for medical expenses.

Having the right Health Insurance policy will help them overcome their financial crisis in medical expenses. Before purchasing a policy, check all the needful things for your hassle-free and well-protected future.

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