Is Dental Treatment Covered By Your Health Insurance?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

It is a well-known fact that oral health is important for our overall health, well-being and quality of life. Dental hygiene is directly associated with the health of other body organs and also directly linked to diseases like diabetes, stomach ulcers etc. Hence, it’s important to visit the dentist to ensure that you are in the pink of your oral health. Maintaining good dental health will also help us enjoy good food and moreover, a good set of teeth will help us smile always.

The expenses associated with dental treatments and dental insurance are often ignored by people which  leads to out-of-pocket expenditures. According to WHO, in the year 2020, Indians spent 62.7 per cent of their total health spending as out of pocket expenses, which is why a good dental cover is key. Let’s read further to know the dental coverage provided in health Insurance.

Generally, dental treatments are considered outpatient department treatments (OPD) in a hospital or clinic.

How are dental treatments connected with OPD?

OPD is defined as the Outpatient Department in a hospital and covers the expenses such as the insured’s visit to a doctor’s clinic for illness, the consultation fees and for many other services like getting an injection, dressing of wound etc, provided by a physician at the clinic or a diagnostic centre. Similarly, it can cover expenses for medicines at the pharmacy, diagnostic tests like X-rays, Blood tests etc, at the laboratory and for minor procedures for which you don’t have to get admitted to a hospital.

Star health Insurance covers dental Treatment

Star Outpatient Care Insurance Policy is designed to offer coverage especially for OP consultations, non-allopathic treatment expenses, diagnostics, physiotherapy, dental, ophthalmic treatment expenses, pharmacy expenses and more. Star Outpatient Care Insurance Policy offers three different plans with varied benefits: Silver Plan, Gold Plan and Platinum Plan. The policy holder can also avail of the benefits of discounts on premium up to 25% after 2 continuous claim-free years on this policy only with Star Health Insurance.

With Star Comprehensive insurance policy, the insured can avail coverage for dental treatments under OPD expenses as per the policy clause.

Here are few reasons why it’s essential to purchase dental health insurance:

Save on dental treatments

Dental care could easily become a twice-a-year affair for a teeth-cleaning, or it could be thousands of rupees in oral surgery bills. Dental problems can start at the drop of a hat–whether you take extra care to floss every day, or not–so the best way to prevent your finances from suffering is to have a health insurance policy that provides coverage for your dentist visits.

Maintain dental health

The best way to prevent oneself from spending money on dental bills (besides getting dental health coverage), is to take necessary routine care of the mouth’s overall health. By doing regular teeth cleanings and check-ups one can ensure that their health is tracked by a professional.

Peace of mind

Besides its benefit of cost savings and good dental hygiene, dental health insurance gives you peace of mind as you keep your savings intact and know that your smile is protected. Your insurance will have your back If anything were to happen to your teeth. The benefits of dental health insurance are many in terms of saving your out-of-pocket expenses which cannot be ignored.


1.What are the star health plans covering dental treatments?

Star Outpatient Care Insurance policy and star comprehensive insurance policy provides coverage for dental treatments.

2.Does dental treatments have waiting periods?

Dental treatments are plan specific and will be bound to have waiting periods as mentioned in the policy clause.

3.Is root canal covered?

Dental treatments and coverage benefits depend on each product. When treatment is taken at a network facility, your health insurance covers dental treatments as per the limits mentioned in the policy clause. Root canal treatment is payable in the event of an accidental injury to a natural tooth/teeth, excluding dental implants.


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