Health Insurance for New Born Baby

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Newborn Health Insurance 

Many health insurance policies offer comprehensive coverage for the newborn from day one, after 16th day or 90 days of birth, The new born baby coverage is available up to the sublimit subject to the delivery claim is admissible / paid or the mother is covered under the policy (Based on the terms and conditions of the policy).

Neonatal Care 

Low birth weight, premature birth, and other problems may necessitate specialized care in neonatal units. Many Health Insurance policies for newborns cover expenses associated with specialized equipment, treatments, and round-the-clock medical supervision subject to the claim for delivery is admissible. 

Factors to consider before buying health insurance for newborn 

Decoding health plans may not be as exciting as pondering your child’s future personality, but it is an essential step. To select the appropriate health plan for your growing family, here’s how to navigate your company’s options. 

Policy Premium 

It is recommended to compare the premiums of various health insurance policies using premium calculators available on the official websites of insurers to ensure that you are paying the correct premium for the benefits offered. Adding your newborn child to a family floater health insurance is a cost-effective way to cover them under health insurance. 

To enrol your newborn in your health insurance plan, you must submit the following documentation: 

  1. The birth certificate of the baby 
  2. The maternity discharge card 
  3. Health reports that outline the baby’s medical condition, if applicable 
  4. Any additional documents required by your health insurance provider. 

How to Add a Newborn to Your Family Health Insurance? 

Adding a newborn to your family health insurance is a straightforward process that ensures coverage for early vaccination and postnatal care expenses. 

To add your little one to the plan, you must complete an application/ Proposal form to include them as a new member. 

Additionally, submit the required documents to your insurance provider. 

Afterwards, the insurer will calculate the new premium rate, considering the addition of the newborn.


Taking the necessary steps will help guarantee that your baby is immediately protected by health insurance, an essential aspect of their new journey in life.


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