Top 12 Tourists destinations in Taiwan

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Taiwan is a major attraction for tourists. This is with good reason. Taiwan is one of the best places in Asia for vacation. This is because of its breathtaking natural beauty. It is known for its diverse cuisine and kind people. Let us explore the top activities in Taiwan. We will look top destinations to visit.  

Taipei 101, Xinyi District

The best place to start is by visiting the Taipei 101 building. This is in the nation’s capital, Taipei. Next, ride the lightning-fast elevator. It reaches the 89th floor in just 37 seconds. It is recognized as the fastest in the world by a Guinness World Record plaque. Taipei 101 used to hold the distinction of being the world’s tallest skyscraper. However, it lost that distinction. This was seven years ago to other structures, including Burj Khalifa. Nevertheless, it is a famous structure. It dominates the city from its 101 stories.

Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

It is a national monument honoring the late Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek. He was the previous leader of the People’s Republic of China. With its two layers of royal blue tiled roof and bright white marble walls—colors that echo the national emblem—the structure appears stunning surrounded by well-kept gardens. The 15,000 square meter hall’s bronze doors are accessible via 89 stairs, which corresponds to the age of the former president. A massive bronze figure of Chiang appears to be greeting people.

National Palace Museum

Without a doubt, the National Palace Museum, a sizable structure in Taipei’s Shillin neighborhood, is a top-notch art gallery. 700,000 exquisite Buddhist sculptures, jade objects, pottery, metalwork, and curios were transported from Beijing’s Forbidden City to this location.

Together, they portray an 8,000-year history that includes imperial treasures possessed by successive Emperors. So, if you’re not too tired, give yourself three hours to explore.

Within the complex, there’s the Silks Palace Restaurant, where you can grab a bite to eat. The restaurant serves food and utensils shaped like various artefacts.

Banka Lungshan Temple, Wanhua


The people have the opportunity to pray to Guanshiyin Budda and other deities at this magnificent temple. Together, the worshippers chant, creating a sound that is almost mystical and palpably intense. It served as a meeting place for early Chinese settlers and a house of worship when it was constructed in 1738. These days, it incorporates Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist ideas.

Night Markets

The ever-popular night markets are not so little. Although there are several, most people visit the largest, Shilin Night Market in the Shillin district to enjoy the experience of eating street food—not just any old street food, but noodles, dumplings, deep-filled boa buns, chicken feet, squid, and other unusual animal parts—as well as stinky tofu, a beloved Taiwanese delicacy. Nothing at all is squandered.

Dadaocheng Area

Despite being Taipei’s oldest district, this port city is sometimes overlooked by visitors. However, I highly recommend that you check it out, beginning at the dock and continuing via Dihau Street, the area’s most interesting main thoroughfare. Take advantage of this chance to see a glimpse of daily life in Taiwan and visit stores offering a wide variety of herbs, handcrafted souvenirs, custom clothing stores, coffee shops, and eateries housed in refurbished buildings.

In Taiwan, tea is a popular beverage that is far removed from the builder’s sort, particularly at Le Zinc Cafe and Bar, which is located in the ArtYard ceramic store at 67, Dihua Street and is housed in an early 20th-century structure. First, the ritualist selects one fragrance among about thirty that are accessible.

Taroko Gorge – Shakadang River Trail

With nine national parks, Taiwan offers a wealth of natural attractions. The best national park in this area is Taroko National Park. The Shakadang River Trail is an easy stroll that crosses Taichung Municipality, Nantou County, and Hualien County. Since I just had an afternoon, I decided to do this route.

The glistening blue rivers, encircled by towering rocks and unfurling trees, are so magnificent that they could easily be mistaken for a work of art. If you closed your eyes for a little while, you could hear the sounds of croaking frogs, such as Swinhoe frogs, and birds that sing along the riverbed, like Plumbeous Water Redstart. 

A portion of the Shakadang Trail is still farmed by native Tarok tribe people, as it runs through an aboriginal reserve. They use this trail, which can get congested at times, to deliver their goods.

Taroko Restaurant

Dining preferences seem strange. A side dish called “Appetising Millet Wine” is served with the act of “kissing the pig,” which is actually the consumption of fermented millet wine via the snort of a ceramic pig. You can choose to have my main course, which is baked tilapia (fish) with soy sauce, fermented veggies, and sticky rice on a bamboo stick. The bean soup might be the ideal sweet treat.

Yehliu Geopark, Wanli

A landscape can sculpt itself into something lovely, sometimes even imitating life. This is the case with Yehliu Geopark, a cape that juts 1,700 meters into the sea from the town of Wanli. It is a jumble of brown and tan-coloured rock formations produced by thousands of years of geological action.

There have been many identifiable shapes reported, but the Slippers—possibly worn by the Queen, whose head is seen—are the ones that are easily apparent. It is estimated that she will only have five years remaining as her neck is getting weaker and more frail. What a lucky girl. Go there as soon as possible if you want to see her.

Ximending, Wanhua District

In Taipei’s Wanhua District, Ximending is a pedestrian-only shopping district that is serviced by the crowded Ximen MRT station. Ximending is overwhelming after the serenity of Taiwan’s natural environment. Massive arrows pointing the way and bright billboards made the entire area sparkle at me. As you walk by, there are street performers, bars, restaurants, and chic stores calling out to you and people snapping quick selfies.

Jiufen Old Street

Jiufen_Old_Street Taiwan

Feel free to blend in with the crowds of tourists that frequent Jioufen, an old gold mining village located in Ruifang’s seaside mountains. Jioufen Old Street is quite charming, colourful, and lively.

Orange lanterns adorn the steep stairs leading to the summit, where you’ll find vibrant stores selling souvenirs and pottery, freshly prepared street food, tea houses, restaurants, and a plethora of meandering passageways to explore and sample the region’s specialities.

The Yangmingshan Sulphur Springs

Taiwan’s geology is quite remarkable; this time, it was the sulfur springs found in the Datun Volcano Group. Geothermal heat produced by the volcanic activity resulted in the creation of many hot springs in four regions: Yangmingshan, Beitou, Guanziling, and Sichongxi. 

There are a number of hiking trails, but I chose to visit Yangmingsham’s very strong sulfur springs and then take a healing bath in one of the sulfur pools in Yamingshan Hot Springs.

Documents Required

Taiwan offers 30 or 90 days of visa-free admission to nationals of more than 60 nations and territories. However, India is only one of the nations that can enter with a visa. Obtaining a visitor visa is mandatory for any Indian national planning to travel to Taiwan from India.

Required Documents for the Application for a Tourist Visa to Taiwan:

A valid passport that is good for six months
Two passport-sized pictures
A duplicate of your duly filled-out and signed online visa application
Information on your schedule
Proof of reservations for hotels and flights
A cover letter outlining the purpose of the trip and length of stay from the “primary applicant” or the organization
Evidence proving you are financially able to pay for your stay
Three-month bank statement

Eligibility for Applying for a Taiwan Visa 

1.The objective of the visit must be clearly stated in the application
2.The intended duration of stay in the nation 
3.Kind of passport and validity of the passport of the nation you want to go to after Taiwan 
4.Resources available to you during your visit to Taiwan


Taiwan is a rich country in terms of geology and culture. It is one of the finest places to visit in the Asian region. You need to have a proper travel plan. This is along with the itinerary to make this trip perfect. Make sure to add travel insurance to your list while making your travel plans. It ensures that you have a sound and safe trip to Taiwan.


How long will it take for Indians to obtain a Taiwan visa?

Indian citizens can expect their Taiwan visa to be processed in nine working days. This is after submitting their application

Is an interview necessary for Indian citizens to apply for a Taiwan visa?

No. It is only necessary if the embassy or consulate specifically asks for one. Indian nationals applying for a Taiwan visa do not usually need to have an interview.

If I am an Indian citizen with a valid US or Schengen visa, may I enter Taiwan without a visa?

No. A separate visa is required to enter Taiwan. Entry into the country is only allowed if you have a valid US or Schengen visa. 


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