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Health Insurance for Bone Cancer: Why you should choose Star Health Insurance


Bone cancer is a rare but serious disease that can affect any bone in the body and cause pain, swelling, fractures, and other complications. Depending on the type of treatment, the facility, and the state, the cost of treating bone cancer can be very high in India. 

Moreover, the cost of cancer care in India includes both medical and non-medical expenses, such as transportation, food, escort and other family members. 

Therefore, it is very important to have health insurance for bone cancer treatment, as it can help you cover the high costs and reduce the financial burden on you and your family. However, not all health insurance policies are suitable for bone cancer patients, as they may have limitations, exclusions, or co-payments that can affect your coverage and benefits. 

That is why you should choose a health insurance policy from Star Health Insurance, a leading health insurance company in India that offers specialized plans for cancer patients. 

Star Health Insurance has an exclusive types of health insurance plan for cancer patients named Star Cancer Care Platinum plan. These programmes are made to offer complete coverage and benefits for bone cancer treatment and other types of cancers. Some of the features and benefits of these plans are: 


  • Cashless hospitalization at over 14,000 network hospitals across India. 
  • No pre-acceptance medical check-up is required up to the age of 65 years. 
  • Coverage for second cancer (unrelated or related) up to the sum insured. 
  • Lump sum payment for recurrence or metastasis (spread) of cancer up to 50% of the sum insured. 
  • Hospice care benefits up to Rs 1 lakh for palliative care or pain relief. 
  • Coverage for day care procedures that do not require 24 hours hospitalization. 
  • Free health check-up at the end of every block of three claim-free years. 

The Star Cancer Care Platinum plan is available for individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer.  

The coverage includes hospitalization expenses, surgical expenses, organ donor expenses, ambulance charges, ayurvedic treatment, domiciliary hospitalization expenses (treatment at home), and critical illness benefits. 

To illustrate how these plans work and who can benefit from them, let us consider some examples: 

She can opt for the Star Cancer Care Platinum plan with a sum insured of Rs 25 lakh. She will pay a premium of Rs X per year. If she is diagnosed with breast cancer or any other type of cancer in the future, she will get cashless hospitalization benefits at any network hospital and coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. 

If she experiences cancer recurrence or metastasis, she would also receive a lump sum payout of Rs 12.5 lakh. She will also get a critical illness benefit of Rs 12.5 lakh if she is diagnosed with any of the critical illnesses. 

As you can see, Star Health Insurance offers health insurance plans for cancer patients that are affordable, flexible, and comprehensive. These plans can help you cope with the physical, emotional, and financial challenges of bone cancer treatment and other types of cancers. You can visit the Star Health website or contact their agents for more information or to buy a policy. 


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