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As a Health Insurance specialist, we extend our services from offering tailor-made products to fast in-house claim settlements. With our growing network of hospitals, we ensure easy access to fulfill your medical needs.

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Health Insurance in Kolkata


Kolkata, one of India's famous and best-known cities, is considered the intellectual land for small-scale entrepreneurs. This cultural capital houses several businesses and is the main port for increased development and job opportunities. 

Kolkata is the third-largest metropolitan in India and is prominent in terms of history, economy, and politics. Over the years, Kolkata is also known for its excellent healthcare facilities.

*As per the National Family Health Survey, 18% of men and 30% of women are obese in Kolkata.

Apart from obesity, other health problems such as diabetes, asthma, lung cancer, thyroid, and tropical diseases like dengue and malaria are widespread. They affect people's lives in Kolkata, and the city records the highest number of lung cancer cases worldwide. Hence, the demand for health insurance companies in Kolkata has increased rapidly, which helps to bear the extremely high medical cost.

Kolkata's health sector comprises several multi-speciality, private, and government-aided hospitals that provide all kinds of feasible medical treatments to the city residents. 

Almost 80% of the population prefers private sector hospitals to public or government hospitals. This is because of the following reasons: lack of proper health care infrastructure, lack of required medicines, lack of reasonable or adequate medical personnel, and more.

Due to the relentless decline of living standards and unhealthy conditions in Kolkata, people have started to look for better ways to invest in health insurance policies that help to avail cashless hospitalization, regular check-ups, and frequent consultation services, among others.

Moreover, Kolkata, being a fast-paced city, is known for its vitality and individuality with excellent healthcare facilities. Hence, health insurance in Kolkata is a one-stop solution and acts as a financial aid which can make you go for cashless treatments and manage steep medical costs without exhausting your savings.


Purpose of health insurance in Kolkata

Health insurance in Kolkata is the most essential need to protect you and your family during medical emergencies. You don't have to worry about medical costs with health insurance policies. 

It provides comprehensive and all-in-one assistance against all medical expenses at any time. It is always better to secure your and your family's future with health insurance policies as you must proactively think about the unpredictability of life. 
In Kolkata, a hustle-bustle can impact your overall health negatively because of the air quality index. Moreover, a health insurance policy in Kolkata will help you bear the high medical cost without creating a hole in your pocket. 

You can buy these policies by paying your insurance provider the given amount of money. Here are some significant reasons that you must know why buying health insurance in Kolkata is highly needed:

Outbreak of illnesses

Since Kolkata operates with multiple IT companies and other industries, there are high complications of developing lifestyle-related illnesses. This is highly concerning, so obtaining health insurance on time immediately saves you from the hassle of financial arrangements.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices

Various diseases indeed threaten youngsters due to multiple risk factors. So, if you are eligible for health insurance, you can enjoy quality treatment immediately without worrying about the costs.

More convenient

During a medical emergency, neither raising claims nor purchasing a health policy can get delayed if you opt for offline health insurance. In contrast, online insurance can be bought swiftly from anywhere. 

Easily compare options

The arduous task of the different types of health insurance in Kolkata is compared offline. If you compare plans online, you can do so easily in no time. All you have to do is to compare multiple insurer websites and procedures based on their cost-to-benefit ratio.


Why Choose Health Insurance in Kolkata at Star Health?

90% Cashless claims settled in 2 hours 4.68 Rating 
Based on 9050 user reviews 14000+ Network Hospitals across India
75 Lakh+ claims settled since inception


Star Health is India's leading digital-first insurance provider and offers health insurance in Kolkata. We have a branch in Kolkata, having tied up with some of the best-known hospitals to securely provide the most beneficial schemes.
At Star Health, our health insurance plans in Kolkata provide coverage for room rent, pre and post-hospitalization, ambulance charges, and much more. As the best medical claims company in Kolkata, we meet the rising demands of our customers.
Moreover, we have a central presence in Kolkata to provide health insurance for senior citizens and young adults.


Cashless Hospitalization at Star Health

Cashless hospitalization in Kolkata at Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd is a boon for the policyholder regarding treatment, and you save more effort on paperwork. We settle the bills directly to the hospital with minimal involvement on the customers' part.

Star Health operates to provide top-notch health insurance offerings at affordable rates to all individuals. We have various unique health insurance plans, medical claims, and personal accident policies. 

The company offers excellent services in overseas travel, health, personal accidents, and more. Star Health Insurance is the first company to launch a policy called Star Cardiac Care for people suffering from cardiac ailments. 

We also provide customer-centric services and product innovation for individuals, families, and corporations. We have more than 11,000 hospitals in our network to offer cashless care to the members of our community.

Here are some of the benefits that you can use while choosing Star health insurance in Kolkata:

1. Immediate medical treatment

If you or any of your family members need immediate medical attention, cashless health insurance at Star helps you save time. You can get on-the-spot medical treatment without worrying about the payments.

2. Claim Settlement Ratio

Our claim settlement process is in-house and hassle-free, with less turnaround time, making our customers satisfied with the simple renewal process.

3. Wide network of hospitals

We provide you with an extensive network of 14,000+ hospitals nationwide to choose cashless treatment, and we will handle your medical expenses directly.

4. Caters to customers

Star Health Insurance plans are designed to cater to the needs of a diverse group of individuals and promote a healthy lifestyle through innovative wellness initiatives.  

5. Dedicated team support

The company has a committed team of internal doctors to expedite and process customers' health insurance plan claims and offer free telemedicine services to everyone. 

We at Star Health Insurance rely on the dedicated in-house claim settlement team rather than the Third-Party Administration (TPA) to offer faster and more efficient processes during critical hours. 

6. Instant financial relief

Star Health has access to 1,635 diagnostic centres all over India, the facility for health check-ups at home, and the home pickup of lab samples. 

So, the option of cashless hospitalization allows you to get medicines at lower prices as we provide medical and surgical services at affordable rates.

7. Quick settlements

With reimbursement policies at Star Health, you have to pay the medical bills earlier and then make a claim using your approach. As per the cashless health insurance policy that you have already, we will settle the bill with them directly.

8. Hassle-free documentation

With a cashless health insurance policy from Star Health, you can make the entire process highly efficient with no reports, discharge sheets, or documents.


9. Coverage for the Family Members


Star Health Insurance provides family floater health insurance plans that helps the insured avail cashless medical expense coverage for their family members.


How to Buy an Online Star Health Insurance Plan? 

Here are a few steps to buy a Star Health Insurance plan online: 

Step 1: Visit the Star Health Insurance website 
Step 2: Click on the 'Buy Now button
Step 3: Enter all the requested information
Step 4: Select an insurance plan as per your requirements
Step 5: Pay the premium, and you will receive the policy documents at your registered email address


Documents Required For Cashless Claim

Here is a list of documents that one should provide to file a cashless claim with Star Health Insurance: 


  • Health card 
  • Discharge Summary
  • Pharmacy invoices with prescriptions 
  • Doctor's consultation sheets
  • Investigation reports (includes blood reports, X-rays, and scans)
  • KYC documents (for claims more than 1 lakh) 
  • Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC) and or FIR copy in the event of an accident 

For Reimbursement Claim

The documents required for a reimbursement claim settlement process are as follows: 


  • Health card 
  • Completed claim form 
  • Discharge summary 
  • Pharmacy invoices and prescriptions 
  • Doctor's consultation documents 
  • Pre-admission investigations with reports 
  • Hospital receipts 
  • KYC documents 
  • NEFT information, email address, and contact information
  • Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC) and or FIR copy in the event of an accident


Star Health Insurance Premium Calculation

The factors considered by Star Health Insurance to calculate premiums are as follows: 

Age of the policyholder

As a person ages, medical illness can be diagnosed, and the insurance provider can be at higher risk in any given circumstance. As a result, the payable premiums also increase.  

Pre-existing health conditions

Since individuals face problems nowadays, pre-existing medical conditions will increase insurance amounts. The degree of your illness severity will be considered for the decision-making process.

Sum Insured

The choice of policy amount you choose has a direct impact on the amount of premium you pay. The higher the sum insured, the more the premium payable. However, selecting a high sum insured sometimes entitles you to lower premiums.  

Policy Term

You will be eligible for premium discounts if you choose a multi-year Star Health insurance plan. However, if you decide on long-term coverage, you must pay the entire premium in one go and may be entitled to a premium discount. So, your premium will be based on how long your coverage lasts.

Number of Members

The premium amount of a policy increases as more members join. However, some health insurance policies offer discounts when new members join.


Cashless Network Hospitals in Kolkata

As a city, Kolkata has come a long way in recent years, and its healthcare situation has only improved. Whether it's the availability of high-quality healthcare or the demand for health awareness amongst the population, the city is doing everything possible to ensure its citizens are well cared for. 

Kolkata's healthcare system currently consists of around 48 government-run hospitals under the purview of the Department of health and Family Welfare, the government of West Bengal. Research and surveys show that the city's healthcare situation is much better than other Indian cities. 

Kolkata has 61 hospital beds per 10,000 population, which is above the national average of 61. With Star Health and Allied Insurance in India, you can always count on our network of hospitals to settle your cashless claims, whether it's a scheduled hospitalization or an emergency.


‘Happily Insured!’ with Star Health

We are committed to saving you time, saving you money, and getting rid of the hassles that make health insurance so hard to navigate.

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