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The capital of Uttar Pradesh is Lucknow, renowned as the "City of Nawabs." It is a late mediaeval artistic and cultural centre with several historical sites. However, in addition to the hazards of accidents, residents of this area also experience the impacts of air and pollution. As a resident of this city, obtaining a health insurance plan that will offer you and your family high-quality care at reasonable prices would be a sensible decision.       
Lucknow is one of the cities in North India where you may access top-notch medical services. You can expect high-quality healthcare wherever you go, whether in public hospitals, diagnostic facilities, nursing homes, dental offices, dispensaries, or railway hospitals. Therefore, it is no surprise that nearby city residents travel to Lucknow for medical care. In fact, several philanthropic organisations in the city provide for the medical requirements of impoverished people.       
There are many medical education facilities in Lucknow. It is essential to comprehend how people throughout India, especially those in Lucknow, can be impacted by lifestyle disorders and how important it is to have access to high-quality treatment. 


Buying health insurance in Lucknow     

The cost of living in Lucknow, one of India's tier 2 cities, is high. Different procedures and treatments can be costly in public and private hospitals, making them occasionally out of reach for the average person. In Lucknow, even cancer diagnoses start at 7000 rupees. In light of the escalating cost of healthcare, it would be advisable to get medical insurance coverage that would enable you to receive top-notch care at some of the best hospitals.     

  • Unexpected Medical Emergency: The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted Lucknow, just like it has on the rest of the world. The pandemic's effects have resulted in several respiratory illnesses, including pneumonia and lung failure. Above that, a new illness is developing daily. With health insurance, you can protect your savings from these inescapable emergencies.   
  • Health Concerns for Young People: Youth are vulnerable to health problems due to pollution and a sedentary lifestyle. Having health insurance may benefit you.​   
  • Medical inflation: It's undeniable that Lucknow's medical infrastructure has improved over time as a result of the city's increasing sickness rates. However, medical inflation has accompanied this development, particularly among the top private healthcare centres. If you don't have a suitable health insurance plan in Lucknow, this medical inflation could become a nightmare that could ruin your stable finances.    

The best action in this situation is to be prepared for the unexpected and locate a complete health insurance plan in Lucknow that meets your medical requirements. Purchasing a health insurance policy will help you get unrestricted treatments and services, including yearly physicals, doctor visits, pre- and post-hospitalisation, and no-claim bonuses!     


Benefits of buying health insurance in Lucknow


Entire family coverage


In the event of hospitalization, the insured family member has the opportunity to receive cashless treatment at a network hospital under the family health insurance plan.

Cover for medical expenses

Did you know that the inflation rate for healthcare rose from 3.8% to 8.4% in recent years? With the help of sufficient coverage, you may avoid blowing your savings on unanticipated medical costs that could quickly deplete your savings. By selecting affordable insurance, you can guard against escalating medical costs! 


Protection from Critical Illnesses

 Insurance companies offer critical illness insurance as a stand-alone or add-on benefit. Life-threatening illnesses like bone marrow transplant, kidney failure, coma, cancer, stroke, and other similar ailments are covered by critical illness insurance for the insured. If one of the acute illnesses on the list is diagnosed, these policies offer a lump sum benefit. The money can cover daily expenses, debts (if any), treatment-related costs, and other financial commitments.     


Benefit of Cashless Claim 

 Numerous insurance providers provide rewards for cashless claims. This means that, assuming your health insurance coverage covers the specific treatment; you are not expected to pay anything out of pocket in the event of hospitalisation. Using your cashless health insurance policy is a good idea if you have one for cashless treatment since it is more practical. You must be admitted to a network hospital to apply for the benefit. You must also tell your insurance company of your hospitalisation, sign a pre-authorisation form at the hospital, and begin receiving treatment after your claim is granted. 


Additional Security Beyond Employer Coverage 


Group health insurance plans are available to employees at many different firms. However, these plans might only sometimes be completely customised. If you leave your work while still covered by such insurance, you might not be able to acquire continued coverage. Additionally, this insurance might only sometimes provide full coverage. Therefore, buying individual health insurance policies is helpful under these circumstances because you may access comprehensive coverage.    The advantages of health insurance must be remembered as they will guide your decision-making while purchasing health insurance. To fully benefit from health insurance, it is advised that you choose the most appropriate coverage based on your financial situation and other needs.     


Tips to consider before buying health insurance in Lucknow 


Cost of the policy and insured sum

You must pay a premium to obtain a health insurance plan with a specific level of coverage. With more significant and more comprehensive coverage, the premium cost rises. Make sure you thoroughly comprehend the details surrounding the coverage and the premium cost before getting health insurance.   


Daycare procedures

Many medical treatments can now be completed in a single day. It is essential to determine if your health insurance policy covers these therapies. These are simple medical treatments like cataract surgery and tonsillectomy.   


Specific diseases and treatments

Medical insurance policies designate specific conditions and treatments covered after a particular time. For instance, during the first two policy years, many plans only cover piles, fistulas, hernias, etc. Contact us to learn more about the diseases that are covered.   


Exclusions and inclusions in the plan

The conditions for which a claim cannot be made (exclusions) and the coverage offered by the health insurance plan (inclusions) establish the scope of the policy. You must comprehend both entirely before purchasing health insurance. Higher out-of-pocket expenses could occur from not being aware of the coverages. A claim can also be denied if the exclusions are unknown.   


Choosing health insurance as soon as possible

It's wise to have health insurance early in life. You shouldn't start looking for the best health insurance plans when you reach a particular age. You'll probably make fewer claims now than you will when you're older. Remember that right now is the ideal time to acquire health insurance.    


Choosing a health insurance provider

 You should choose the best insurer because claim processing times differ between them. Today, finding a reputable health insurance provider online has become convenient and more accessible thanks to the Internet.   


Waiting period

You cannot submit a claim to the health insurance plan during the waiting period. Pre-existing ailments and maternity benefits are frequently relevant. It may last nine months to a few years, depending on the insurance company and the plan you choose to purchase.


Availability of add-on covers

Add-ons are additional insurance choices that can be added to health insurance plans to increase the scope of coverage. By choosing any suitable add-on, you can customise your health insurance plan. Remember that there is an additional charge for each add-on cover in addition to the standard policy's cost.     


Pre/post-hospitalisation coverage

Any tests, treatments, doctor visits, etc., completed before or after the hospitalisation are considered pre and post-hospitalisation. Regarding pre-hospitalisation and post-hospitalisation, different insurance providers have varying terms and conditions. Verify that your policy includes this coverage.   


Co-payment provision

The policyholder must pay a predetermined percentage of the hospital bill under the copay clause. Since you are responsible for a sizable portion of the hospital expense, such policies are less expensive but provide less compensation. If you choose to use this clause, read it carefully.   


Number of network hospitals

Consider the company's claim settlement ratio before buying health insurance. Check out their broad network to see if you are eligible for cashless treatment at any of the insurer's many hospitals. As a result, you can pay much less for medical care.   


What's great about buying health insurance in Lucknow from Star health insurance


Our insured citizens in Lucknow have access to various comprehensive and scalable health insurance plans tailored to their needs. For inhabitants of Lucknow, the following make us the top option for health insurance plans:    Best Network Hospitals: Star Health Insurance's cashless network hospital feature in Lucknow gives insured people access to some of the city's best medical facilities. Some of Lucknow's top hospitals are part of the network, providing insured patients access to cashless treatment.    Faster Claim Approvals: The claim settlement team at Star health offers the most streamlined claim settlement process. At Star Health Insurance, we know how stressful the process of filing claims can become if the insurer needs to be more cooperative. Our claim settlement team assists you at every stage, from claim filing to claim settlement, to ensure you don't have the same difficulties.    Fastest Claim Settlement: Star Health has successfully resolved claims across India and guarantees Lucknow residents a simple claim settlement process!    Complete Healthcare Coverage: At star Health Insurance, we create policies that address every aspect of the insured's medical needs. Star health assists you throughout the procedure, including pre-hospitalisation diagnostic tests, yearly physicals, post-hospitalisation, and recovery counselling sessions.   


Things to keep in mind while purchasing health insurance


  • Choose a reputed health insurance provider.  
  • Never withhold any critical information from your insurance provider.   
  • Make sure to disclose your medical history while acquiring health insurance accurately.   
  • Choose a plan that meets your needs and your dependents' needs.  
  • Before purchasing the coverage, carefully read the policy wording and ask the insurance provider to answer any questions you may have. 

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