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Health Insurance in Nagpur


Why do you need Health Insurance?


Health insurance is a type of insurance that offers coverage for medical expenses in the occurrence of illness, injury, or hospitalization. It can assist in reducing financial burden, mitigating financial strain and facilitating access to high-quality healthcare services.


Why health insurance is essential in Nagpur?


Health insurance is essential in Nagpur, where the cost of living and health care is high. Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra and the 13th-largest in India.

It is also known as Orange City, India's Tiger Capital, and Maharashtra's Winter Capital. Nagpur has a population of over 2.5 million and a GDP of over $15 billion.

Nagpur has many reputed hospitals, medical colleges, and research institutes. However, it also faces many health challenges, such as air pollution, water scarcity, vector-borne diseases and lifestyle disorders.

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), Nagpur ranks 27th among the most polluted cities in the world. 

Moreover, Nagpur has a high incidence of malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and other vector-borne diseases. 
Furthermore, Nagpur has a high prevalence of lifestyle disorders like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, having health insurance in Nagpur can help you protect yourself and your family from these health risks and ensure you get the best possible treatment without worrying about the expenses.


How To Choose The Best Health Insurance In Nagpur?


There exists a plethora of health insurance companies and plans in Nagpur. However, not all of them may suit your needs and budget. Therefore, you must compare and evaluate various factors before choosing the best health insurance in Nagpur. 


Factors to consider before buying


Some of these factors are:-

Coverage: The coverage of a health insurance plan refers to the types and amounts of medical expenses that it covers. It would be best to look for a plan that covers hospitalization expenses, pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, day-care procedures, domiciliary treatment, ambulance charges, organ donor expenses, critical illness expenses, maternity expenses, and other benefits you may need.

Sum Insured: A health insurance plan's insured amount represents the maximum sum the insurer will allocate for your medical expenses during a policy year. Opting for a sum insured commensurate with your anticipated medical expenses and inflation rate is advisable. Typically, a higher sum insured attracts a higher premium.

Network Hospitals: The hospitals affiliated with a health insurance scheme refer to medical establishments that have entered into a legally binding agreement with the insurance company, allowing them to provide policyholders with the benefit of receiving treatment without needing immediate payment.

Choose a plan with a vast network of hospitals in Nagpur and nearby areas to avail cashless treatment without hassle.
Premium: The term "premium" in the context of a health insurance plan denotes the sum of money that an individual must remit to the insurer to maintain the validity of their policy. It would help to choose an affordable premium offering good value. You can compare different plans online and use premium calculators to determine the best premium for your desired coverage and sum insured.

Exclusions: The exclusions of a health insurance plan refer to the situations and expenses that the insurer does not cover. You should read the policy document carefully and understand the exclusions to avoid any surprises or rejections at the time of claim.

Co-payment: The co-payment of a health insurance plan refers to the percentage or amount you must pay from your pocket for your medical expenses. Some plans may have mandatory or voluntary co-payment clauses depending on your age or type of treatment. Choose a plan with low or no co-payment to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

Waiting Period: The waiting period of a health insurance plan refers to the period during which you cannot make any claim for certain pre-existing diseases or specified treatments. Different plans may have different waiting periods ranging from one month to four years.


Where to buy the Best Health Insurance In Nagpur?


You can buy health insurance online from the official websites of the insurers or online aggregators or brokers. Buying online is convenient, fast, and cost-effective. You can compare plans, check reviews, get quotes, and apply for the policy online. You can also get discounts, offers, and cashback on online purchases.


You can buy health insurance offline from the offices or agents of the insurers or, banks or other intermediaries. Buying offline is traditional, personal, and reliable. You can get face-to-face guidance, assistance, and support from the representatives. You can also negotiate the terms and conditions of the policy offline.

You can buy health insurance from government schemes like the Mahatma Jyotirao Phule Jan Arogya Yojana (MJPJAY). This scheme provides free health insurance to the poor and vulnerable sections of the society in Maharashtra. It covers over 1,000 medical procedures and 496 diseases in 20 specialties. It has a network of over 1,000 empanelled hospitals across the state.


How do you claim the best health insurance in Nagpur?

You can claim the best health insurance in Nagpur in two ways, such as:


You can claim cashless treatment at any of the network hospitals of your insurer in Nagpur. You must show your health card or policy number and get admitted to the hospital.

The hospital shall verify your particulars with the insurer and subsequently pursue the requisite authorization for your medical intervention. The insurer will directly pay the hospital per the policy terms and conditions. You must not pay anything except for non-medical expenses or co-payments, if applicable.


You can claim reimbursement if you get treated at a non-network hospital or pay for your treatment at a network hospital. You must pay all the bills and collect all the original documents, such as discharge summaries, prescriptions, invoices, receipts, reports, etc.

The insurer will verify your documents and process your claim per the policy terms and conditions. The insurer will reimburse you the approved amount by cheque or bank transfer.


Why do you need to opt for health insurance?

Health insurance is necessary in Nagpur due to the high cost of living and health care and the increased risk of various diseases and disorders. You should choose the best health insurance in Nagpur that covers your medical needs and fits your budget.

You should compare different plans online or offline and buy from a trusted source. You should also claim your health insurance in Nagpur promptly and hassle-free.


This article has helped you understand how to choose and claim the best health insurance in Nagpur. We are here to help you find the best health insurance plan for you and your family. Most family health insurance plans offer maternity benefits, cover pre & post hospitalization, and cashless hospitalization facilities.


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