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Why Choose Star Health Insurance?

As a Health Insurance specialist, we extend our services from offering tailor-made products to fast in-house claim settlements. With our growing network of hospitals, we ensure easy access to fulfill your medical needs.

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Health Insurance in Rajasthan


Rajasthan is a mineral-rich state with a diversified economy, with agriculture, mining and tourism as its main engines of growth. Rajasthan has diverse attractions, including natural landscapes, history, art and culture, forts, palaces, lakes, wildlife sanctuaries, dunes, folk dance and music, handicrafts, and more. Health issues are unpredictable and cannot be foreseen before their onset, and they can disrupt the well-being of individuals and families. Health insurance covers medical and surgical costs incurred by insured individuals, whether individuals, families, or groups. Like other states, Rajasthan is also witnessing an increasing number of health issues, which is the crucial cause behind medical inflation. Consequently, Star Health provides an array of the best health insurance plans to serve the people of Rajasthan.  


Why Star Health Insurance?

Star Health Insurance policies cover pre- and post-hospitalization expenses suffered during in-patient hospitalization. Corresponding expenses comprise doctor consultation fees, room rent, ICU charges, surgery charges, and other associated costs linked with illness or accidents. With the coming of advanced medical technology, the length of surgery and treatment periods has been remarkably decreased, giving rise to the insertion of daycare procedures and treatments in health insurance policies. Moreover, Star Health Insurance plans also cover domiciliary treatments recommended by a physician and performed at home. Mediclaim plans typically cover in-patient hospitalisations resulting from road traffic accidents. Furthermore, medical insurance policies also cover the costs associated with health check-ups and hospitalisation expenses. Star Health Insurance policies expand coverage to alternative medical systems such as Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, & Naturopathy, and Siddha, among others, except Yoga.     


Advantages of buying Star Health Insurance in Rajasthan:


1. Customer-Centric Plans: The products are customer-centric and specifically designed to serve the diverse requirements of individuals.    

2. Promotes Health Lifestyle: Star Health Insurance encourages a healthy lifestyle through innovative various wellness initiatives.    

3. 90% Cashless are Claims Settled in 2 hrs: Star Health successfully settles 90% of cashless claims within two hours in network hospitals over India, while 92% of reimbursement claims are resolved within a week.   

4. 14,000+ Network Hospitals: Star Health Insurance has an extensive network of over 14,000+ network hospitals throughout India and 471 hospitals in Rajasthan.     

5. In-House Claims: Star Health Insurance depend on its in-house claim team, instead of Third-Party Administration (TPA), to expedite a faster claim-settling process during serious situations.    

6. Team of Doctors: Star Health has a dedicated internal team of doctors to process and facilitate health insurance plan claims skillfully.    

7. Talk to Star App: Star Health Insurance provides free telemedicine services to all its policyholders, with an app called Talk to Star App created particularly for this purpose.    

8. Diagnostic Centres across India: Star Health policyholders have access to 1,635 diagnostic centres across India and the convenience of health check-ups at home and picking up lab samples.

9. Medicines at Discounted Prices: Star Health provides medicines at discounted prices online, with store pickup or home delivery currently available in 2,780 cities in India.    

10. Surgical procedures at affordable rates: Partnered hospitals affiliated with Star Health provide surgical and medical services at reasonable rates.    

11. Star Wellness Program: Star Health policyholders can be involved in wellness programs to earn rewards for managing a healthy lifestyle, which can be redeemed for renewal discounts.    

12. Tax Deductions & Benefits: Individuals who pay premiums for themselves and their families can claim tax deductions of Rs.25,000. Those who pay premiums for their parents may claim a higher tax deduction of up to Rs.1 lakh. 

Furthermore, for health insurance premiums, tax deductions can also be claimed for costs linked with preventive health check-ups. Under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961, individuals can claim income tax deductions of up to Rs.5,000.   


Value-Added Benefits of Star Health Insurance Plans in Rajasthan

  • Get coverage for the entire family against minor and major illnesses, daycare and outpatient procedures, and accidental injuries with a family health insurance policy.
  • Get automatic restoration by 100%/200% of the sum insured, per the chosen policy.  
  • Star Health covers air and road ambulance service expenses to the specified limit.  
  • The cost of a pre-policy health check-up is payable. 
  • Receive a no-claim bonus, as outlined in the selected policy.  
  • Have the opportunity to undergo a health check-up after every 3/4 claim-free policy years, depending on the chosen policy. 
  • Benefit from the option to maintain personal health records in electronic format.
  • Gain access to health-related information through a complimentary health magazine.
  • The option to obtain a second medical opinion is available. 


Find Star Health Insurance Premium Online

 Visit the Star Health website and click Star Health Insurance Premium Calculator to know about the premium for your desired policy. It is one of the best and quickest ways to calculate the premium.  

To begin with, choose the plan you want to purchase, proceed to the online calculator page, and fill in the basic details like age, the number of family members, sum insured amount, policy tenure, geographical location, etc.  

Once you enter the required details, you may have a clear picture of the premium cost for a selected plan.   


Documents Required


For Cashless Claim:

Here is a list of documents that one should provide to file a cashless claim with Star Health Insurance:  

  • Health card  
  • Discharge Summary 
  • Pharmacy invoices with prescriptions  
  • Doctor's consultation sheets 
  • Investigation reports (includes blood reports, X-rays, and scans) 
  • KYC documents (for claims more than 1 lakh)  
  • Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC) and or FIR copy in the event of an accident 


For Reimbursement Claim:

The documents required for a reimbursement claim settlement process are as follows:  

  • Health card  
  • Completed claim form  
  • Discharge summary  
  • Pharmacy invoices and prescriptions  
  • Doctor's consultation documents  
  • Pre-admission investigations with reports  
  • Hospital receipts  
  • KYC documents  
  • NEFT information, email address, and contact information 
  • Medico-Legal Certificate (MLC) and or FIR copy in the event of an accident


How To Buy Star Health Insurance Policies Online?

  • Visit the official website of Star Health Insurance.  
  • Choose the type of plan you want to purchase in the health insurance category and then select “buy this policy”.  
  • Calculate the premium by clicking the “tools and calculators” tab and choose the desired plan.  
  • Once you are convinced to buy a particular plan, fill in the details of your required personal information.  
  • Now, proceed to buy the policy online. Premium can be paid online through credit/debit cards or e-wallets net banking. 

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