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As a Health Insurance specialist, we extend our services from offering tailor-made products to fast in-house claim settlements. With our growing network of hospitals, we ensure easy access to fulfill your medical needs.

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Vadodara, the capital of Gujarat, is renowned for its educational options and rich cultural legacy. People who want to settle down and move across the country choose it as their new home. Lakshmi Vilas Palace and Sur Sagar Lake are a couple of the major attractions in this area. 

Excellent healthcare facilities for planned and urgent care are well known in Vadodara. However, it's essential to have a firm health insurance policy, given the skyrocketing medical care prices in practically every Indian city.    

You can always compare health insurance plans online and pick the one that meets your requirements, needs and budget, even though you may believe that health insurance plans for families, seniors, or people are expensive.   


Why you need to buy health insurance in Vadodara?

For most people living in a busy city, this makes them more prone to different lifestyle ailments. Any medical problem can worsen if treated incorrectly, resulting in an emergency. Many people now find it challenging to pay their medical bills due to the steady rise in medical expenditures. As a result, more people in Vadodara are required to choose health insurance. Benefits of a health insurance policy include cashless medical care, pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, ambulance fees, etc. Vadodara's medical infrastructure has developed quickly in recent years, making it easy for residents to access high-quality healthcare. Additionally, the Gujarat state government has played a significant role in making the city a popular destination for various healthcare services. The majority of the healthcare facilities in Vadodara are government hospitals and medical schools. The city also boasts many private medical facilities, including wellness centres. Most facilities employ trained medical personnel, including doctors, surgeons, and paramedics, to give patients the proper care.   


Benefits of cashless hospitalisation in Vadodara

Hospitalisation without payment is a natural gift for the policyholder. You can receive the best care without concern for cost. Additionally, you save a tonne of time on paperwork. With minimum interaction from you, your insurer pays the hospital directly, allowing you to concentrate on getting better. The characteristics of a cashless health insurance programme are: 


Entire family coverage

A family health insurance from Star Health will help you get the coverage of medical expenses incurred for the insured and their family members under one plan.  


Emergency medical care that is provided right away 

Cashless health insurance can be a valuable time-saving resource if you or a family member requires urgent medical attention. This insurance option allows immediate medical treatment without the added stress of payment concerns.   


Network hospitals 

The insurance company offers a vast network of hospitals where cashless treatment can be obtained. Patients can choose from any of these hospitals, and the insurance company will directly handle the medical expenses. This streamlined process ensures that patients receive prompt medical attention without the added burden of financial worries.   


Quick financial support

When a medical emergency arises, we will make it simpler for you to receive the required medical care without worrying about paying the expenses upfront. With cashless hospitalisation, you won't need any cash because your Vadodara health insurance from Star Health will cover all necessary bill payments.   


Zero documentation 

You can receive treatment on time and skip the drawn-out process of submitting paperwork  with just a few key documents, such as your health card and star health insurance policy. If you're an older adult, this may be extremely useful.   


Tips to consider before buying health Insurance in Vadodara 


Policy cost and insured amount 

It is necessary to remit a premium to obtain a health insurance plan with a specific level of coverage. The cost of the premium escalates in proportion to the comprehensiveness and extent of the coverage. When procuring health insurance, it is imperative to comprehend the coverage and premium cost details thoroughly.   


Daycare procedures 

Many medical treatments can now be completed in a single day. Finding out if your health insurance policy covers these therapies is imperative. These are simple medical treatments like cataract surgery and  tonsillectomy.   


Choosing the best insurer for health insurance 

The insurance company is essential when it comes to health insurance. Because of the variations in claim processing periods, you should only select the best insurer. Today, the internet has made it convenient and more straightforward to discover a trustworthy health insurance company online. Read the client testimonials to find out more.   


Waiting period 

You cannot submit a claim to the health insurance plan during the waiting period. Pre-existing ailments and maternity benefits are frequently relevant. It may last nine months to a few years, depending on the insurance company and the plan you choose to purchase.    


Specific diseases and treatments  

Medical insurance policies designate specific conditions and treatments covered after a particular time. For instance, during the first two policy years, many plans only cover piles, fistulas, hernias, etc. Contact us to learn more about the diseases that are covered.   


Availability of add-on covers 

Add-ons are additional insurance choices that can be added to health insurance plans to increase the scope of coverage. By choosing any suitable add-on, you can customise your health insurance plan.  Remember that in addition to the standard policy's cost, there is an additional charge for each add-on cover.   


Pre and post-hospitalisation coverage

Pre- and post-hospitalisation refer to any procedures finished before or after the patient is admitted. The terms and conditions for pre- and post-hospitalisation vary among insurance companies. Make sure this coverage is included in your policy. 


Availing Cashless Health Insurance in Vadodara

To utilise the cashless treatment option at any network hospital in Vadodara, insured individuals must follow the steps outlined below:    

1. Choose a network hospital in Vadodara for treatment and inform us of your experience within the designated timeframe.  

2. Submit the pre-authorisation document, duly signed, to the hospital insurance desk.  

3. Provide any necessary documentation, including a health card.  

4. Upon verification of the submitted documents, the claim management team will approve.  

5. If necessary, the claim management team may raise queries.  

6. The medical expenses will be paid under the insurance's terms and conditions after approval.  

7. In an emergency hospitalisation, the insured must contact the provider immediately. The insured must provide 48 hours notice before admission for planned hospitalisation.   


What's great about buying health insurance in Vadodara from Star health?

Vadodara's insured residents can access a selection of all-inclusive, expandable health insurance plans catering to their unique requirements. The following factors make us the best choice for health insurance policies for residents of Vadodara:    Efficient claim approvals The claim settlement team at Star Health Insurance provides a highly efficient and streamlined process for settling claims. We understand the potential stress of dealing with uncooperative  insurers during the claim filing. Our dedicated claim settlement team is committed to assisting you at every stage, ensuring you do not encounter the same difficulties.   


Fastest Claim settlement

Star Health assures Vadodara residents a quick claim payout process and successfully resolves more than 5000 +claims every day throughout India!   


Best Network Hospitals

Insured individuals have access to some of the most excellent medical facilities in the city thanks to Star Health Insurance's 14,000+ cashless network hospitals across India. The network includes several of the best hospitals in Vadodara, providing covered patients with access to cashless care.   


Complete healthcare coverage

Star Health Insurance offers comprehensive healthcare coverage that caters to all insured individuals' medical requirements. Our services encompass pre-hospitalisation diagnostic tests, annual physical examinations, post-hospitalisation care, and recovery counselling sessions. We are committed to assisting you throughout the entire process.   



According to the copay clause, the policyholder must pay a predetermined percentage of the hospital charge. Such insurance is less expensive but also offers less coverage because you bear a significant amount of the hospital expenses. If you decide to use this clause, read it thoroughly. 


‘Happily Insured!’ with Star Health

We are committed to saving you time, saving you money, and getting rid of the hassles that make health insurance so hard to navigate.

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