5 Advantages of Buying Top Up Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

What is top up health insurance plans?

A top-up health insurance plan is an extra medical coverage policy that indemnifies people who already have an existing health insurance policy or an employer mediclaim policy.

It is an insurance product that provides additional medical coverage to your existing health insurance policy or a group mediclaim policy. It enhances the degree of financial security you have against different health-related concerns and expands the sum insured amount.

If your health insurance policy does not provide enough coverage to meet high hospitalization bills, you may have to purchase two insurance policies or increase the sum assured amount.

Choose the best top-up health insurance plan that meets your requirements and enhances your degree of financial security against different health-related concerns.


Suppose you have a health plan with a maximum sum assured of Rs. 5 lakhs and you take a top-up plan for Rs. 3 lakhs. If you are hospitalized, your base health plan will bear the costs of medical bills up to Rs. 5 lakhs, and the top-up plan will kick in after the maximum sum assured by your base plan has been crossed.

Advantage of top up health insurance plans

Enhanced coverage

A top-up plan allows people to enhance their medical coverage so that they can pay for unforeseen medical expenses even after the sum insured of their base policy gets exhausted.

Lower premium

Top-up health insurance options are made to provide the most comprehensive range of coverage with no compromises and at a cheaper cost, so you won’t need to get fresh health insurance.

Tax benefits

You may get eligible for tax breaks on the top-up policy premium you paid under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. The cost of insurance for oneself, one’s spouse, and dependent children might lower your tax obligation by up to INR 25,000.

Senior citizens may enjoy a higher limit of deduction and if you are over 60 years of age, you may claim a deduction of up to INR 50,000.

Coverage for Pre-existing diseases

Generally, health plans do not offer coverage against pre-existing diseases. However, you may supplement your base plan with a top-up that offers coverage for the same. This proves beneficial in case you have a family history of certain illnesses such as hypertension or diabetes.

Tackle rising medical inflation

Medical inflation in India is increasing at an alarming rate of around 20% as compared to 8-9% in the past few years. Thus, investing in a top-up health insurance policy can help you combat such inflation effectively.

How does top up health insurance works?

A top-up health insurance plan offers extra coverage to the existing health insurance policy and helps to cover medical expenses that exceed the sum insured of the regular health insurance policy. The top-up policy works on the principle of the deductible.

The top-up plan allows you to continue accessing quality medical care without worrying about additional costs and offers an opportunity to increase the sum insured at a minimal cost.

How top up plans differ from regular insurance plans?

Top-up health insurance plans cover almost all hospitalization expenses and provide the same benefits as a basic health plan. The only difference is the cost of deductibles that make these plans affordable. Most top-up plans do not require pre-medical screening up to the age of 50 years, which is mandatory after 45 years under most basic health insurance plans.

If your basic health plan reaches the sum insured limit, the claim for both top-up and individual health plans can be filed together. Moreover, you can easily file a claim under both plans simultaneously from insurance providers, who will be liable to pay off part of their claims.

Things covered in Top-up Health Insurance Plan

In-patient hospitalization expenses

In-patient hospitalization expenses, including nursing and boarding charges, room rent, doctors’ fees, OT charges, cost of oxygen, prosthetic devices or implantation of any other equipment during surgery, blood, diagnostic procedures and other similar expenses.

Primary things to look when buying top up insurance

To select an affordable top-up health insurance plan, opt for higher deductibles. Avoid buying an expensive plan to cover exclusions like daily cash allowance and dental cover as they may be covered by your regular health insurance policy.

Star Super Surplus Insurance Policy

Star Health Super Surplus Policy is a premium health insurance plan that provides much more coverage than standard health insurance plans. The policy is available on a floater and individual basis, and individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 are eligible to purchase the policy.

When purchased on a floater basis, the policy can cover self, spouse, and dependent children. The policy offers a higher sum insured at an affordable premium, making it a preferred choice for many.

The Star Health Super Surplus top-up plan is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to expand their medical insurance because it provides more coverage at a lower cost.

The Star Health Super Surplus policy is available in two plans: Silver Plan and Gold Plan. The policy covers organ donor expenses, daycare treatments, ambulance charges, in-patient hospitalization expenses, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization expenses.


If you want to increase your coverage and benefit from a variety of features, you may get the best super-top health insurance plans in India. Buying health insurance online is easier than ever without any agent brokerage.

If you want to buy an top up health insurance plans at a much afforadable premium, go for  Star Health Super Surplus Policy to enjoy multiple policy benefits.


What is a top-up health insurance plan?

A top-up health insurance plan, also known as a group mediclaim policy, is an indemnity policy that provides additional medical coverage on top of your current health insurance.

What are the benefits of purchasing an additional health plan?

Investing in a top-up health plan can help you curb medical inflation, increase the sum insured at a minimal cost, and bridge the gap between actual medical costs and your existing health cover.

How does a top-up health cover work?

A top-up health cover works as an additional cover to your existing health insurance policy. It gets activated after your medical expenditure crosses the deductible limit on the plan.

What is the difference between a top-up and super top-up health insurance plan?

A top-up health insurance plan provides additional health insurance coverage on a per-claim basis, while a super top-up health insurance plan provides coverage for the aggregate amount of claims in a policy year.

How can I buy a top-up health insurance plan?

You can purchase a top-up health insurance plan online through various insurance providers. You can compare the best plans and choose the one that meets your requirements.


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