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Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)

First ever Health Insurance product for persons diagnosed with Cancer

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Cancer cover

First ever health insurance product for persons diagnosed with Cancer.

First ever Pilot Product

First ever Pilot product in Health Insurance industry- A limited period offer

Entry age

Entry Age: 5 months to 65 years with Sum Insured Rs.3 lakhs & Rs.5 lakhs

Lump Sum Cover

Lump sum cover of 50% of Sum Insured - for recurrence, metastasis, and/or a second malignancy unrelated to first cancer.

Cover for accidents and other illness

Regular indemnity health cover for accidents & illness other than Cancer.

No pre acceptance medical screening

No pre acceptance medical tests

Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product) 

We are guessing that you certainly want to know if buying cancer health insurance is worth it. Well, our answer is yes, if you are a cancer patient or someone diagnosed with this critical disease.
Moreover, if you are diagnosed with cancer, your finances could take a hit along with your health. Here is how this health insurance Plan can assist you in facing challenges related to financial hardships in the case of cancer and its related illnesses:
This is a mediclaim insurance policy that provides cover for recurrence, metastasis, and/or a second malignancy unrelated to the first cancer.
  • The plan covers the first stage of cancer, risk of recurrence and spread of cancer by offering coverage for stage two of cancer disease.
  • The policy covers up to Rs. 5 lakh for patients between 5 months and 65 years who have been diagnosed with stages one and two of cancer.
  • The plan will be beneficial, as it provides a lump sum pay-out of 50% of the entire sum insured provided, the diagnosis after 30 months from first inception under this policy
It is vital to consider this policy is in the context of growing treatment costs.  The recent advancements have given the most hope. As technology advances, cancer treatment levels have moved past conventional treatment methods to precision and personalized treatments.
The unique feature of the policy is that there is no need for a prior medical check-up which means you can purchase the policy with previous medical records by just including your details of the latest treatment. Furthermore, the policy also covers surgical and non-surgical, as well as interventional treatment for non-cancer-related diseases. The policy will provide coverage for accidents, a benefit that is common in any standard medical insurance
Eligibility of the policy
This Policy is designed for people who have been diagnosed with stages one and two of the disease.
Coverage under this Policy includes:
  • In-patient hospitalisation
  • Pre and post hospitalisation
  • Ambulance charges
  • Day-care expenses
Product Features
Eligibility5 months to 65 years
Policy period1 year
Sum Insured in Rs.3 lakhs and 5 lakhs
Product typeFixed benefit (lump sum) and indemnity (surgical and interventional therapy, non -surgical and non- interventional therapy)
Co payment10% (applicable for 61 years & above at the time of entry)
Geographical scopeMedical expenses covered if treatment taken within India

Features of Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)

People between the age group of 5 months and 65 years, already diagnosed with stage 1 or Stage 2 of cancer can avail of this policy.
Sum insured 
The policy offers two sum-insured options which are Rs. Three lakhs and five lakhs. The Proposer may choose a sum insured option to suit their need.   
Product type
The policy provides coverage on both a lump sum/fixed benefit basis and an indemnity basis. 
Coverage type
Section 1 - Lump sum benefit when there is recurrence, metastasis, and / or second malignancy (second cancer)
Section 2 - Indemnity coverage for Surgical and Interventional Therapy*
Section 3 - Indemnity coverage for non-surgical and non-interventional therapy*
Note: *Applicable only for accidents and diseases other than cancer and its related ailments
Policy term
The policy is available for one year. 
The co-payment is 10% for everyone who purchases this plan at the age of 61 years and above. A claim with Star Health Insurance is processed after the insured pays a fixed 10% of the claim, and then Star Health Insurance handles the remaining Up to sum
Waiting periods
  1. Any illness contracted within 30 days of the policy's inception date is not covered. This specific waiting period is applicable for section-2 & section -3 coverage.
  2. A waiting period of 30 months is applied for lump sum payment for recurrence, metastasis, or second malignancy.
  3. Specified illnesses and surgeries are covered after 24 months. Under Section 2 & Section 3
  4. Pre-existing diseases are covered after a waiting period of 48 months from the policy's inception date for Section 2 & Section 3
As per IRDAI guidelines regarding portability, the policyholder can apply to another insurer to transfer their policy. In that case, when the insured wants to port the plan, he can port at least 45 days before, but not earlier than 60 days before the policy renewal date.

What is covered in the Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product)? 

Coverage under Section 2 and Section 3
  • In-patient hospitalisation expenses
This Policy will cover medical expenses during 24 hours hospitalisation in the policy period. The plan will cover expenses incurred towards the following:
  • Expenses incurred on room rent (Single standard AC Room), boarding, and nursing
  • Expenses incurred on anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, ICU charges, surgical appliances, medicines and drugs, diagnostic materials and X-ray, diagnostic imaging modalities, cost of a pacemaker, stent, and such other similar expenses
  • Expenses towards the anaesthetist, surgeon, consultants, medical practitioner, specialist fees
Pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses
This Policy covers related pre-hospitalisation expenses for a maximum of 30 days before admission. Also, it covers post-hospitalisation expenses for a maximum period of up to 60 days after discharge from the hospital.
Ambulance expenses
In case of requirement of emergency ambulance service to transport the Insured is covered up to Rs. 1500 per hospitalisation and Rs 2000 per policy period are covered. 
Day-care treatments
The policy covers charges for all day-care procedures, surgeries, and treatments that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation.
Modern treatments
The plan covers modern treatments up to the sub limits mentioned in the policy.
Modern Treatments covered under this policy are as follows:
  • Uterine artery embolization and HIFU (High intensity focused ultrasound)
  • Balloon sinuplasty
  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Intra vitreal injections
  • Robotic surgeries
  • Stereotactic radio surgeries
  • Bronchial Thermoplasty
  • Vaporisation of the prostrate
  • ION M Intra Operative Neuro Monitoring
  • Stem cell therapy

Benefits of Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product) 

Accident cover
The policy also provides accident cover with regular benefits like hospitalisation expenses arising from an accidental injury like any other standard medical health policy.
Pre-acceptance and medical screening
Being a first-ever insurance cover for cancer affected people, a unique feature of this policy is that there is no requirement for pre-acceptance medical check-ups. It is sufficient to submit previous medical records with the latest treatment information.
What is not covered?
The following is a partial listing of policy exclusions. In the policy, the document has listed all exclusions.
  1. Substance abuse, self-inflicted injuries, STDs
  2. Any kind of surcharge, service charge, registration fees levied by the hospital or admission fees
  3. Treatments outside India
  4. Circumcision, gender-change surgery, cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery
  5. Hearing impairment correction, refractive error correction (less than 7.5 dioptres) and cosmetic dental surgeries

How does the Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product) differ from other plans?

Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product) is a type of cancer cover medical policy meant to protect those who have already been diagnosed with cancer and to sustain people from the financial hardships imposed by the disease. A significant benefit of this policy is the wide coverage that it provides its holders. The policy pays a lump sum upon diagnosis of cancer which will be useful for the direct costs of cancer treatment, such as hospital stays, drugs and doctor’s visits. Expenses for diseases other than cancer-related are also covered up to the limits of the policy.
Nobody in their worst dreams would want to be affected by cancer or any critical illness for that matter. However, the chances of getting cancer have steadily increased and the World Health Organisation (WHO) informs us that cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide. As matters stand in India, around 10 lakh people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Furthermore, anyone can fall victim to this deadly disease regardless of age. But on the brighter side, today’s advanced technologies and treatments have brought hope for many.
As the chances of getting cancer have risen substantially in recent decades, treatment costs have risen many fold as well. Cancer and its treatment play havoc on your health and can wipe out your finances in a single strike. Cancer patients are the ones who will certainly need medical and financial assistance in the future. 
Cancer treatments are usually phased treatments, might affect the financial stability. Having said that, regular insurance may not be sufficient to cover the medical costs of cancer treatment.

Why is cancer insurance important?

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, he or she probably wants to see the best doctor, but what about a financial advisor? Cancer is quite expensive. Cancer treatment raises the following questions:
  1. Is the person covered by health insurance?
  2. Does the patient have money in savings for medical expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses?
Cancer could put your finances at risk. Here are some reasons why cancer insurance is important:
Unprepared for Emergencies
Being stable makes a huge difference in case of a medical emergency. Cancer treatment can lead to debt due to the high cost. You will not need to dip into your savings if you have cancer insurance as a backup. To deal with sudden financial crises well, Star Health recommends buying cancer insurance. You can use the lump sum to pay your day-to-day treatment bills, to cover the cost of a day, or to do anything else you want.
Rising Treatment Costs
In light of the skyrocketing cost of cancer treatment, everyone should be covered to battle the financial burden associated with this disease. Treatment costs are affected by several factors, including the type, duration, and stage of cancer. Typically, a single chemotherapy session costs between 65k and 1 lakh. Cancer insurance can cover all these costs while securing your financial future. These factors make investing in a cancer insurance plan more important than ever.
Exposed to the Risk Factors
Diet and everyday life play a big part in preventing us from contracting the disease. Although there is no way to reliably determine why one person gets cancer and another does not, there are certain factors that do increase the risk. Some of these risk factors can be avoided, but others are beyond one's control. Risk factors include age, diet, and obesity, overexposure to sunlight, alcohol consumption, and tobacco use.


Is Star Cancer Care Gold (Pilot Product) a fixed benefit plan?

STAR CANCER CARE GOLD (Pilot Product) is both a fixed benefit plan as well as an indemnity cover policy. A lump sum fixed benefit can be claimed for recurrence, metastasis, and / or a second malignancy unrelated to first cancer  While the policy offers indemnity coverage for accidents and diseases other than cancer and its related Indemnity coverage does not apply to cancer and its related treatments.

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