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As a Health Insurance specialist, we extend our services from offering tailor-made products to fast in-house claim settlements. With our growing network of hospitals, we ensure easy access to fulfill your medical needs.

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Health Insurance in Ahmedabad 


Ahmedabad is the seventh largest metropolis of India and is rated as the thriving city in India. It is the financial capital of Gujarat, located 32 km north of Gandhinagar. The city is stated as the centre of commerce and is the home to a large population of traders. With a population of approximately 4.5 million, it is a crucial business centre worldwide.    


Purchasing Health Insurance In Ahmedabad 

Ahmedabad is now considered a significant economic and industrial centre in India. Health Insurance fundamentally covers your medical expenses. A health insurance policy, similar to other policies, is a contract between an insurer and an individual/group in which the insurer concurs to give specified health insurance coverage at a monthly premium subject to terms and conditions indicated in the policy.    

The contract is usually a one-year agreement during which the insurer or insurance company will be responsible for paying particular expenses associated with injury, pregnancy, illness, or preventative care.    

Good health is the bedrock for happiness, yet factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, climate change, etc., make us more prone to health issues. While no one wishes to consider the possibility of being hospitalised or injured, it is relevant to be prepared for any circumstances. The financial consequences of these treatments can be significant. A health insurance plan encounters this problem.     

Inclusive insurance covers all hospitalisation expenses incurred due to illness, accidents, or injuries, including hospitalisation costs, medicine expenses, and doctor consultation fees. Health insurance is a safety shield for savings and healthcare so you and your loved ones can live a happy and cheerful life. 


Benefits of Purchasing Health Insurance in Ahmedabad 

1. Can Encounter Rising Medical Expenses 

With the occurrence of new diseases come advanced and innovative technologies. Nevertheless, the cost of getting quality treatment is rising rampantly. The development of new drugs through scientific advancements has led to expensive treatments.  

The scarcity of specialist doctors and surgeons in a selected field also creates medical inflation. The importance of health insurance is crucial in managing this situation. It assists you and your family in managing the high expenses and live healthier lives.  


2. Protects Your Family 

Your family means the most to you, and assuring them good health and safety is of fundamental importance. If anything happens to them, you would be ready to provide state-of-the-art medical facilities and help them get better swiftly. There comes the role of a family health insurance. Consider your ageing parents; they might need to get hospitalised because of age-linked issues like heart conditions, joint replacement, etc., and the doctor would put forward multiple X-rays, MRI scans, and other tests to discover the illness. A health insurance policy can cover all these aspects.  


3. Gives Better Coverage Than A Healthcare Fund 

A Healthcare Fund is fundamentally your savings for healthcare expenditure. This can be achieved by allocating a specific amount of money and investing it in a fixed deposit or other investment options. 

While this could be advantageous, it cannot replace health insurance. The treatment and surgery fees in the present day could cost a fortune; for that reason, a healthcare fund will not be adequate to deal with all the medical expenses.  


4. Health Insurance Protects Your Savings 

You have been saving money over the years to realise future dreams and goals, like - giving your children a top-class education, buying a house, your peaceful retirement, etc.  

An unexpected illness can bring up your savings right away. However, with a health insurance policy, you can manage your medical expenditures without losing your savings. Star Health insurance offers cashless treatment, so you don't have to worry about reimbursements.  

Buying Health Insurance is cheap when you are young. 

Usually, you must undertake medical tests before issuing a health insurance policy. Remember, some insurers make medical tests compulsory after age 45. This depends upon insurance companies.  

The results of corresponding tests will determine whether you will get health insurance. The older you become, the closer you get to medical issues like respiratory diseases, diabetes, and cardiac. Thus, there are huge chances that you won't get a health insurance policy.   

And even if you get one, you would have to pay substantially more for a cover that would cost a smaller one at your younger age. Therefore, choose suitable health insurance coverage from the best service providers like Star Health while you are still in the heyday of your life.   


5. Get Tax Benefits 

According to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act 1961, you can receive deductions for paying health insurance premiums for yourself, your spouse, your dependent children, and your parents. This can lead to more significant savings. However, it is essential to note that reducing tax liabilities should not be the primary motivation for investing in health insurance.


Costs That Are Covered Under Health Insurance In Ahmedabad 

1. Pre-Hospitalisation Costs 

You may suffer costs related to tests or consultations before undergoing treatment or hospital admission. These are known prehospitalisation costs and are covered by Health Insurance.   Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy cover medical expenses incurred up to 60 days before the date of admission to the hospital are covered. It Includes X-rays, blood tests, OPD consultation fees and Diagnostic tests such as ECG, EEG, Urine test, etc. 


2. In-patient Treatment Costs

Being admitted to a hospital comes with particular hospitalisation expenses. These may surpass your budget and empty your funds. But Health Insurance covers hospitalisation costs. You must be hospitalised for at least 24 hours to qualify for a claim.   Medical treatment expenses include room rent, ICU charges, Surgery costs, Doctor consultation fees, Oxygen supply, Blood supply, Medicine costs, and so on. There are some of the hospitalisation expenses covered by health insurance - However, there is an exception to the rule.  


3. Daycare Treatment Expenses  

Some treatments don't require you to stay overnight in the hospital for more than 24 hours, such as Gallbladder removal, Hernia Chemotherapy, Cataract Dialysis, etc. A health insurance policy can cover these expenses. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers medical treatments and surgical procedures requiring less than 24 hours of hospitalisation due to technological advancements.  


4. Post-Hospitalisation Costs  

Health insurance also covers the expenditures you suffer after being discharged. The subsequent expenses are covered under this category - Regular check-up costs or follow-up visits to your doctor for Diagnostic tests like colonoscopy, ECG, etc. Rehabilitation costs, Physiotherapy sessions costs, etc.. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy covers post-hospitalisation medical expenses up to 90 days from discharge.  


5. Organ Donor Hospitalisation  

Numerous health insurance plans also cover the hospitalisation and surgical costs suffered by the organ donor during organ transplant surgery. Suppose this type of offer is not given in the plan. In that case, the organ donor's expenses during the hospital stay, consisting of the surgery, medicine, room charges, etc., will need to be compensated by the organ receiver. 


6. Domiciliary Hospitalisation  

If you cannot go to the hospital due to an illness or injury, or if there are no hospital beds, you can avail treatment in the comfort of your home through Domiciliary Hospitalisation. Most health insurance plans cover the costs associated with this type of home care. A registered physician will oversee the treatment, and a paramedic or nurse will always be available to monitor your condition.  


Why Star Health Insurance? 

1. Network of Hospitals 

It is always good to examine if the insurance company has a sufficient list of network hospitals. Star Health Insurance has an extensive network of more than 12,000 cashless hospitals all over India and 278 in Ahmedabad.  


2. Sub-Limits 

A health policy with no sub-limits on co-payment clause or hospital room rent is also a salient factor when opting for a health policy. The policies of Star Health Insurance possess certain sub-limits on room rent and co-payment.  


3. Policy Terms and Conditions 

For buying a worthwhile health policy, it becomes essential to study the terms and conditions of the policy before literally buying it.  


4. Waiting Period 

This is also an important parameter, as the insured can only turn on the policy if the waiting period is completed.    


5. Extra Benefits 

The Star Health policies possess a wide range of benefits such as comprehensive coverage, multiple options to enhance the sum assured option, maternity coverage, cumulative bonus and other new-age advantages such as discounts on premiums, e-opinions and reward points.    


6. Range of the Sum Insured 

Purchasing a comprehensive sum insured health coverage for the family is always valuable. Buying a wide range of the sum insured can support choosing a superb health policy.  


7. Renewability of Policy 

All the plans guarantee lifelong renewability, where the insured can renew the policy for life, regardless of age or other issues. It is easy to renew the policy once taken from Star Health Insurance.    



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