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Lung Cancer 


Lung cancer has a very high fatality rate and is becoming a more common cancer among the Indian population. Most people are mistaken in believing that only tobacco use and smoking cause lung cancer. We constantly breathe in dangerous smoke and chemicals.  Our lungs suffer as a result. Another significant factor in the spread of lung cancer is air pollution.


If we detect the signs of lung cancer early on, potential treatments and full remission is possible.


However, the cost of lung cancer therapy is high. The cost of therapy might range from the diagnostic to the therapies and even the operation. 


For the average Indian, finding this kind of financial support for medical care is exceedingly challenging. So, what can an Indian from the working class do to receive a lung cancer diagnosis and treatment without experiencing financial hardship? They rely on health insurance's advantages. 


Nobody finds purchasing a medical insurance plan to be a bother. You make monthly or yearly premium payments, and when you require medical attention, your health insurance makes significant payments. It relieves some of the pressure while giving you the assurance that you may receive the care you require when you need it. 


Prevention of lung cancer 


It is impossible to predict with certainty whether engaging in a certain activity will cause lung cancer or whether abstaining from it will. To protect oneself and other people from lung cancer, you could try implementing the following steps. 


  • The likelihood of acquiring lung cancer is high if you smoke frequently. To protect your lungs from cancer, stop smoking. 
  • Don't give in to the impulse to smoke if you don't smoke but have a preference for it. 
  • To avoid breathing in cigarette smoke, keep your distance from smokers. 
  • Do not use or consume tobacco in any way. 
  • Check your home for radon gas. 
  • When in an industrial region with exhaust fumes, wear a mask. 
  • If you are working in a factory where hazardous vapours are emitted, put on protective clothing. 
  • Get tested to check if you carry the gene for lung cancer if someone in your family has the disease. 
  • Watch for early indications of lung cancer and get help if you experience any symptoms. 
  • Maintain a healthy diet and frequent exercise to maintain a robust immune system. 


Benefits of buying health insurance for lung cancer:


Numerous advantages provided by health insurance with a cancer benefit can aid people in managing the financial burden of a cancer diagnosis. 


Benefits of cancer insurance coverage include the following: 


  • Hospitalisation and diagnostic test coverage lump-sum payment for early cancer detection.
  • Payment of cancer treatment-related costs, such as those for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery.
  • The possibility of selecting a greater sum assured of extensive coverage. 
  • Flexibility in selecting the policy term and frequency of premium payments. 
  • To assist in compensating missed income while receiving treatment and recovering, consider income replacement or disability insurance. 
  • Possibility of obtaining counselling or support groups for emotional support.


Why do you need cancer coverage? 


Early detection: Cancer treatment outcomes can be greatly enhanced by early detection. Some cancer insurance policies cover cancer screening tests, which can aid in the early detection of cancer. 


High cost of cancer treatment: Cancer treatment can be costly, and the costs may not be fully covered by the insurance that is typically provided. By covering medical costs such as hospital stays, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery, cancer insurance can help close this gap. 


Peace of mind: Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be stressful, so knowing that you are covered by cancer insurance can help ease that burden. It can also lessen some of the financial concerns that are frequently associated with a cancer diagnosis. 


Supplement to current insurance: Cancer insurance offers extra benefits tailored according to the type of cancer treatment that has been prescribed for you, which can help your current health insurance coverage. Additionally, it can offer coverage for costs that your standard health insurance policy might not be able to cover. 

Financial security: Receiving a cancer diagnosis can place a heavy financial load on the patient and their family. Cancer insurance can offer financial security by paying for cancer treatment and additional expenditures like loss of income and transportation costs. 




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