Why you need to buy star women care insurance policy?

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


Star Women Care Insurance Policy is a unique empowering policy offered by Star Health Insurance that covers all required medical costs. Women who are at least 18 years old are eligible for this plan. The maximum entry age for Star Women Care Insurance plan is 75 years. The insured may also include their spouses and dependant children in the coverage. 

Pregnant women can also purchase this policy. At the time of inception of the policy, the mother has to submit the Scan reports taken during the 12th and 20th week of her pregnancy and the same has to be  accepted by the company for issuance of the policy. The Star Women Care Insurance Policy offered by the organisation covers up to INR 1 Crore.

What are the benefits of buying a Star Women Care Insurance Policy?

The benefits of buying a Star Women Care Insurance Policy include:

Accessible to pregnant women

Contrary to other health insurance plans, this one allows pregnant women to purchase it as long as they provide scan results from between the 12th and 20th week of pregnancy.

Benefits of maternity

A wide range of maternity-related benefits is covered, including delivery costs, infant coverage, assisted reproductive technology, in-utero foetal surgery or repair or unintentional miscarriage, etc. subject to completion of the waiting period.

Automatic restoration of Sum Insured

If the sum insured is used partially or in whole, the amount will be immediately restored by 100% once during the policy’s period.

Benefit of shared accommodation

Daily allowance of Rs 2000 is payable if the Insured occupies the shared accommodation room category. The policy holder can receive this benefit for a maximum of seven days. But this benefit is not available for ICU or NICU.

Cashless Hospitalisation

A policyholder can use cashless hospitalisation facility at over 14,000 network hospitals across India.

Star wellness benefit

By awarding wellness points to the insured for adopting healthy behaviours through a variety of wellness activities, the Star Wellness Benefit encourages a healthy lifestyle.

No pre-acceptance medical examination

No pre-acceptance medical examination is required for women interested in purchasing this Star Health Insurance policy. 

Tax benefits

The premium paid for the Star Women Care coverage may be claimed for tax savings under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

What is additionally covered by Star Health Women Care Insurance Policy?

The following expenses are covered by the Star Women Care Insurance Policy as per the policy terms and conditions.

Star mother cover 

If the covered child under the age of 12 is admitted to the ICU, it will cover the cost of a single private AC room in a hospital for the mother’s stay.

Day care procedures 

It pays for daycare procedures that don’t necessitate a hospital stay for more than 24 hours.

Non-medical items

It covers the price of the non-medical things mentioned and used while a patient is hospitalized as per the list 1 under the policy.

Treatment for assisted reproduction

In cases of subfertility, it pays for assisted reproduction therapy once each policy year on completion of the waiting period. 

Ante-natal Care 

Following the confirmation of the pregnancy, it pays for the outpatient medical costs associated with antenatal care.

Costs for road ambulances 

It pays for the costs of a road ambulance used to get the covered person to or from the hospital. The coverage is accessible only if the hospitalisation claim is approved by Star Health & Allied Insurance Company.

Charges for air ambulances 

In the event of a health condition that poses a risk to one’s life, it covers the expense of using emergency air ambulance services.

Pre-hospitalisation Expenses 

It pays for medical expenses incurred up to 60 days prior to hospital admission.

Post-hospitalisation Expenses 

 It covers the medical costs incurred for up to 90 days following hospital discharge.

In Utero Foetal Surgery/Repair 

It pays for the expense of in-utero foetal operations and treatments, such as open foetal surgery, the EXIT procedure, foetal image-guided surgery and fetendo surgery after a waiting period.

Accident-related miscarriage

If a pregnant insured person miscarries due to an accident, it offers her a lump sum payment. This coverage is only payable after a waiting period once in life time.

Voluntary Sterilisation Expenses 

If the insured person is married and at least 22 years old, it will cover the medical costs associated with vasectomy and tubectomy, which are forms of voluntary sterilisation. 

OPD Medical Consultations 

It pays for the cost of OPD medical consultations received by female policyholders. Additionally, it provides unrestricted access to gynaecologist consultations via the Star telehealth app.

Charges for organ donors

Inpatient hospitalization expenses incurred for Organ transplantation from the Donor to the Recipient insured are payable provided the claim for transplantation is payable. In addition, the expenses incurred by the Donor, (If any) for the complications that necessitate a Redo surgery / ICU admission will be covered.

AYUSH treatment

It pays for in-patient Ayush treatment care at a hospital except Yoga and Naturopathy.

Delivery expenses

For up to two births in the policy’s lifetime, it will cover the costs of giving birth naturally or by caesarean, including prenatal and postnatal expenses upto the specified limits and waiting period.

Treatment for newborn 

Congenital internal and external malformations or anomalies of the newborn are covered during the policy year, up to maximum of 25% of the sum insured, for in-patient hospitalisation expenses. The policy will pay these costs up to 100% of the insured amount after the applicable newborn premium has been paid. Up to 12 months after birth, the newborn’s vaccination costs are reimbursable. 

The company would pay up to INR 3,500 for a single metabolic screening test for newborns. Up to the age of 12, up to four paediatrician consultations per year are covered by insurance. 

Each consultation is covered by the coverage up to INR 500.The expenses of a newborn are covered if the delivery claim is valid or if you have submitted scan results from the 12th and 20th weeks of your pregnancy and Star Health Insurance has approved them.


The Star Women Care Insurance Policy is specially customised to meet the requirements of women at every stage of their life, thereby securing them from raising medical costs and financial worries.


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