• Star Hospital Cash Insurance Policy

      Star Hospital Cash Insurance Policy Provides additional protection and take care of your incidental expenses such as travelling food etc which are not covered under your Health Insurance Policy in an event of Hospitalization.

      Please visit the nearest Star Health Insurance branch for premium details

      UIN: SHAHLIP20046V011920

      Lumpsum benefit for Hospitalization

      Health insurance policy that provides lumpsum benefit for the period of hospitalization.

      Plans offered

      Plans offered : Basic Plan / Enhanced Plan

      Sum Insured & Policy Term

      Sum Insured Type : Individual and Floater

      Policy term: One year / Two year / Three year

      Day care procedures

      10 Day care covered. Day care treatments can be availed for five times in a policy year.

      Hospital Cash Amount ( Per Day)

      Basic Plan - 1000/,2000/ & 3000/-

      Enhanced Plan - 3000/, 4000/ & 5000/-

      Number of Hospital Cash Days

      Basic Plan-30 days/ 60 days / 90 days / 120 days / 180 days

      Enhanced Plan-90 days / 120 days / 180 days

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