10 Summer fruits to beat the heat


What are summer fruits?

As the name tells us, fruits that are available during the summer season are called summer fruits.

Summer fruits have unique characteristics that are gifted by nature to nurture the needs of a person during the hot season.

The characteristics of summer fruits are as follows:

  • Summer fruits have a high water content
  • They are loaded with essential vitamins nutrients and phytochemicals
  • Summer fruits are full of flavour
  • Summer fruits are rich in minerals which help to restore the lost salt and minerals from the body.

What are the best summer fruits to consume to beat the heat?

Some of the fruits provide various benefits and are useful to consume during summer. These fruits have a high water content that is beneficial for the body.

10 best fruits to consume during summer


Watermelons are big and are filled with water content. With over 90% water, watermelon is one of the finest summer fruits. Watermelons contain essential nutrients that benefit the body some of them are as follows

Anti-inflammatory properties, anti-cancer properties and antioxidant properties.

Watermelon also offers phytochemicals and vitamin C.

Watermelon hydrates the body during the summer season and helps in replacing the lost vitamins and minerals due to sweating.

Various studies conducted on watermelon revealed that it is also a good source of vitamin B and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus.


No wonder it is called the king of fruits in tropical regions. Mangoes are delicious. Every bite of mango is no less than a feast. Mangoes are the favourite part of the summer season for many people.

Mangoes are not only used as an appetizer but are also served along with desserts to level up the taste. It is hard to resist a tall glass of mango shake on a hot sunny day.

Apart from their deliciousness mangoes are useful in helping the body with digestion. Mangoes contain up to 82% water. They are loaded with antioxidants. Mangoes can also lower cholesterol levels in the body and improve the health of the eyes.

By offering such benefits, mangoes can boost the immunity in our body. All these factors put together make mangoes the best choice of fruit in summer. Next time anyone is struggling to decide which fruit to consume during the summer, mangoes can serve as a great choice.

However, people who have diabetes need to be mindful of their consumption as mangoes contain natural sugar.


Tasty small bright-coloured fruit blueberry contains 84% water. This fruit is used globally in several desserts like cheesecakes, pancakes, muffins and tarts. But does this fruit only offer good taste?

Blueberries are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants. They act as a natural blood purifier and, in ancient times, were also believed to treat cough. The antioxidant content in blueberries helps fight against free radical cell damage. This fruit is an excellent choice for improving skin health.

Blueberries can also improve brain health. The additional benefit of blueberries is that they’re low in calories and make a good choice for a snack.


Personal favourite fruit for many people who love working out. Orange colour is associated with emotions like joy and sunshine. Orange fruit is no less than that. It has numerous health benefits like improving heart function, reducing LDL cholesterol levels in the body and offering him an adequate amount of vitamin C

Oranges are beneficial for heart and skin health. The bright fruit contains just about 85% of water.

Enriched with minerals and water content, this fruit can keep the body hydrated and protect from the summer heat.


Cucumber is often considered a vegetable because of its usage in the culinary world. However, it grows from flowers and contains seeds, so botanically cucumber is a fruit.

Despite the debate about whether to be a fruit or a vegetable, cucumber is one of the best food a person can consume in summer. It can be cooked or consumed raw. Cucumber contains an ample amount of water and also offers to find a source of potassium, Vitamin K and antioxidants.

These properties of the fruit make it a great choice of summer fruit. Moreover, cucumber is also very low in calories.


Even tomatoes get into a debate about being either a fruit or vegetable. Tomato is a fruit. Tomato is red coloured. It contains 94% water and is loaded with numerous nutrients offering health benefits. This is the reason why tomatoes are used in everyday recipes.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin A. They can reduce macular degeneration which results in vision loss. By reducing it tomatoes can be good for health.

Tomatoes are also proven to reduce the risk of developing hypertension. This bright fruit is loaded with antioxidants that can improve the overall health of the skin.


Muskmelon resembles a watermelon. Rich water content keeps a person hydrated in a hot sunny climate. According to various studies, muskmelon is a fine source of magnesium and potassium helping a person stay hydrated.

Musk melon is also believed to have a few medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory properties, anti-diabetic properties, anti-cancer properties and immunity-boosting properties.

Medicinal properties and nutrient richness makes it a fine summer season fruit.

Ice Apple

Ice apple looks like a nature’s gift for summer resembling Ice. This fruit is packed with essential nutrients like carbohydrates, phytonutrients and calcium.

The low-calorie fruit in fibre. It can serve as an excellent choice for people with stomach aches and digestive problems.

It also contains protein, vitamins C and vitamin K along with a range of minerals like potassium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus.

This fruit can prevent dehydration to an extent.


Apple a day keeps the doctor away is a popular saying. Undoubtedly so due to the nutrient content of this popular all-season fruit. Apples offer great taste and a wide profile of various essential vitamins and minerals.

Apples are consumed raw or as fillings in a pie. Apples are also crushed to make apple cider vinegar.


Kiwi is one of the finest summer fruits that helps with digestion, improve sleep and is also known for its depression alleviation properties.

Kiwis are loaded with essential minerals that are required by the body. These fruits offer vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and minerals like potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Kiwi is enjoyed as fruit or is served as a pulp.


Guavas are nutritious foods and are rich in water content. Along with water, they offer an adequate amount of fibre, vitamin D, and calcium.

This fruit has some medical properties like an antioxidant that is considered to boost immunity.

Guavas can also fight high BP. It is a quintessential fruit during Indian summer which is mostly eaten raw or is joyed as a smoothie.

What is the importance of summer fruits?

Summer in India can be extreme. The heat can make a person lose a lot of sodium, potassium, and other minerals due to sweating.

All the fruits mentioned above play a crucial role in reducing various symptoms induced by excessive heat. Some of the symptoms are

Fruits with high water content are essential to relieve dehydration and its symptoms. It is also helpful in balancing the acidity levels in the body, thus improving digestion.

Some of the fruits have medicinal properties that boost the immunity system in the body and prevent various diseases.

To sum up

Some of the fruits offer a delicious way to tackle summer temperatures. With high water content in them and offering a rich source of minerals like iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus, these fruits will keep the body hydrated and replenished.

Inducing these fruits in food or consuming them as smoothies or desserts can keep the body cool, energised, hydrated and healthy beating the summer heat.


1. Which fruit is best in summer?

Some of the finer fruits to eat during the summer season are watermelon, strawberries, oranges, cucumber, tomatoes and papaya.

2. Is banana good in summer?

Bananas in fibre help keep acidity at bay. Bananas also help in boosting energy, it allows water absorption and helps increase energy levels in the body. So, bananas are a good option during summer.

3. Why are seasonal fruits rich in flavour?

Fruits that are produced during the season provide more nutrition and more flavour this is because they undergo early picking and cooling. The fruits and vegetables in this season take less time from farm to table and hence maintain most of their nutrition and flavour.

4. Are seasonal fruits cost-efficient? 

Seasonal fruits are affordable because they are locally produced during a particular season and there is no or minimal transportation or storage cost.

5. Why is it more sensible to eat the fruits in their season?

Seasonal fruits can be cheaper, more affordable and healthier. Fruits produced in season tend to be fresher and packed with more flavour this is because the condition is suitable for the fruits which ensures top quality.

6. Why are fruits good in summer?

Along with flavour these fruits which are grown in summer offer great nutrition. These seasonal fruits burst with antioxidants and phytochemicals. They also offer various vitamins, minerals and fibre that keep the body healthy, beating the heat.

7. Which fruits are grown in summer?

Some of the fruits that are harvested during the summer season in India are Watermelon, muskmelon, grapes, mango, litchi and peach.

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