Health Benefits of Ice Apple


The squishy fruit

The wobbly translucent jelly-like fruit that one can’t get enough of during the hot summer months is Ice Apple. It is hard to notice a south Indian who hasn’t tasted this delicious fruit. You would want more of it as you read through the fantastic benefits that Nungu offers.


Ice Apple fruit is also known as Tagdola, tender palm fruit or Nungu. It has a consistency similar to Lychee. The flavour of the Ice Apple can be compared to that of tender coconut water.

Tender palm fruit is perfect for the oppressive heat of Indian summers, especially during the months of May and June. The fruit has numerous health benefits.

This thirst-quenching fruit is known by various names throughout the country and is thought to have originated in India.

It is referred to as Nungu in Tamil, Tari in Hindi, Taal in Bengali, Tadgola in Marathi, Tateningu in Kannada, Tadfali in Gujarati and Pana Nanguin in Malayalam.

Despite their low-calorie count, Ice Apple is high in calcium, phytonutrients and vitamins, making them nutritious.

The fruit is used in cooking as well as for refreshment. The flesh is used to make bora or fritters in Bengal and payasam in Tamil Nadu.

Origin of Ice Apple fruit

Borassus flabellifer is the palm tree that produces Ice Apple fruit. It is also known as palmyra palm, tala palm, wine palm, doub palm, toddy palm or Ice Apple. This tree is native to South Asia (Mainly in Bangladesh and South India) and Southeast Asia.

Socotra and parts of China are said to have naturalised it. Borassus flabellifer is a strong tree that can grow up to 30 metres in height. These blooms develop into fleshy fruits that are 15–25 cm wide, containing 1-3 seeds after pollination.

Origin of Ice apple

Each seed is enclosed inside a woody endocarp and the fruits are black to brown with sweet, fibrous pulp.

Inside the fruit is the sweet jelly seed sockets that appear in groups of two, three or four seeds. A thin, yellowish-brown skin protects the fruit’s jelly. These are known to have a watery fluid within their fleshy white bodies.

Palmyra is the official tree of Tamil Nādu in India. It is regarded as a celestial tree in the Tamil culture since all of the parts of the palmyra have a purpose.

The Asian palmyra palm is a common sight in Cambodia and is a symbol of the country. This tree is also spotted near the Angkor Wat temple.

Ice Apple nutrition

Nutrients in 100 g of Ice Apple, according to the Indian Food Composition Table (IFCT) and, are as follows:

  • Energy: 43 Calories
  • Carbohydrate: 10 g
  • Protein: 0.5 g
  • Fat: 0.12
  • Dietary fibre: 2.4 g
  • Biotin (B7): 2.49 µg
  • Folate (B9): 24.40 µg
  • Vitamin C: 5 %
  • Carotenoids: 50 µg
  • Potassium: 158 mg
  • Calcium: 27%
  • Iron: 1%
  • Total Polyphenols: 28.36 mg
Image of ice apple

Ice apples are a low-calorie fruit with 43 calories, 10 grammes of carbohydrates and a high calcium and phytonutrient content. It also has a small amount of fibre, protein, vitamin C, A, E, K, B7, and B9, which provide various health benefits.

Ice Apple advantages to diabetic people

Patients with Diabetes can consume Ice Apples without guilt. A range of nutrients available in palm fruit keeps the immune system strong and healthy.  

Ice apple for Diabetes is an excellent fruit high in essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and B7. These can help boost the immune system over time without adding too many calories to the diet.

It does not cause blood sugar spikes because it keeps a person full for a long time.

Ice Apple benefits for skin

It is no wonder that Ice Apples can also benefit the skin. Common summer skin issues like rashes and prickly heat can be warded off with Ice Apple consumption.

The flesh of an Ice Apple can be applied to the affected areas to relieve itchiness, which soothes and cools the skin.

Ice Apple acts as an anti-ageing agent with all of the powerful nutrients. It thus aids in the reduction of common summer skin problems and heat-related rashes.

Ice Apple benefits for hair

Hair loss is common in the summer months because of the dryness it causes to the hair due to the heat. Dealing with hair loss is difficult with the rising temperature. Ice Apples are our saviour to combat this.

The palm fruit keeps the hair from becoming dry and dull. It acts as a natural conditioner and strengthens the hair. Heat-related issues such as split end, early hair greying, sun damage and premature baldness can be easily treated with Ice Apple.

Ice Apple health benefits

Ice Apples are known for their innumerable benefits apart from their thirst-quenching properties.

Low-calorie fruit

It is a relief that such a delicious fruit is low in calories and can be eaten without the guilt of gaining weight.

They are also filled with other nutrients like fibre, phytonutrients, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins A, B7, C, K and iron. All of these are beneficial for the health of a person.

Natural remedy for digestive issues

Ice Apples leave no leaves unturned. They benefit by being a remedy to digestive problems as well. They aid in treating stomach issues like ulcers, acidity, heartburn and so on.

Assisting in retaining the energy and treating digestive issues during pregnancy are their added advantage.

Slow down ageing

The presence of phytonutrients along with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties helps Ice Apple fight the free radicals, which aid in slowing down ageing.

Helps in weight loss

Ice Apple is filled with water. The water in the fruit helps in keeping us full, which prevents binge eating junk foods.

Adding to this is the low calorie that makes them ideal for weight loss. Being rich in dietary fibre, Ice Apples aid in digestion and thus, play a significant role in weight loss.

Prevents rashes

The cooling nature of the palm fruit works like a miracle to relieve heat rash. When applied to the skin, Ice Apple is so soothing and helps to decrease the itchiness that comes with heat rash.


The juicy Ice Apples are an excellent remedy for reducing the skin irritation caused due to Chicken pox. They also hasten the healing process of chicken pox.

Keeps heat strokes away

Treating heat strokes and sun strokes becomes effortless when Ice Apples are there to aid.

Ice apples, being high in water and electrolytes, are a remedy to heat strokes or sunstrokes, which can possibly result in complications such as brain damage or organ swelling.

Fights fatigue

The minerals sodium and potassium in Ice Apple help in maintaining the fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. This property of Ice Apple effectively prevents dehydration and fatigue during the summer.  

Relieves constipation

As known, Ice Apples cure digestive issues. They are a perfect natural remedy and immediately affect constipation relief and very well promote bowel movements.  

Helps get rid of liver problem

Helping in treating liver problems is one of the most known benefits of Ice Apple. They help in flushing out the toxins present in the body and thereby cleansing it. The liver cleansing property of Ice Apple is due to the high potassium content in the fruit.

Prickly heat pimples

Consuming Ice Apple helps in tackling the heat issues by keeping the minerals and hydration levels stable. This fruit is helpful in reducing the occurrence of prickly heat pimples as it has a soothing effect on the skin.

Heat boils

Due to the cooling effect of the palm fruit, it acts as an excellent remedy for heat boils. A poultice can be made out of it and applied to rashes and boils for quick results.

Reduces white discharge in women

Ice Apples cool the body considerably. This helps in reducing excessive white discharge in women. Ice Apples are recommended for Anaemic patients.

Solid for pregnant ladies

Pregnancy-related issues like digestive problems, stomach discomfort and morning sickness can be reduced with the consumption of Ice Apple. They ease the condition and improve breast milk quality in mothers.  

Side effects

Eating overripe Ice Apples can cause side effects like stomach aches. Due to their short shelf-life and highly perishable nature, Ice Apples should be consumed within a day.


Seasonal fruits are best for treating any condition as they are beneficial to one’s health. Ice Apple is the best summer-friendly fruit as they are available only during the summer months.

They help remove toxins from the body and maintain the ideal body temperature. Due to the presence of water, Ice Apple keeps the stomach full throughout the day and serves as an effective way to lose weight.

Enjoy this summer fruit by relishing every juicy, hydrating bite of the fruit. Gulping the entire fruit also satisfies one’s taste buds.


1. Is Ice Apple good for health?

Ice Apple is very good for health and is a great remedy for digestive problems and stomach aches. It relieves constipation and promotes bowel movements.
Ice Apples also help to reduce some common pregnancy symptoms like acidity and stomach ulcers, which alleviates minor stomach pains and nausea.

2. Is Ice Apple good for weight loss? 

Being a low-calorie watery fruit, Ice Apple is an excellent deal for weight loss. The presence of water keeps a person satiated for a long time and works to provide natural weight loss.

3. Can we eat Ice Apple daily?

Ice Apple or Palm fruit is suitable for daily consumption. Since they are only available during the summer, they make the perfect summer fruit.

4.  Can a diabetic eat Ice Apple? 

Yes! Ice Apples are a low-calorie fruit with essential nutrients in them that boosts immunity, making them diabetic-friendly.

5. Can we eat Nungu on an empty stomach? 

Nungu or Ice Apple can, of course, be taken on an empty stomach since it helps with digestion and relieves constipation.

6. Can feeding mother eat Ice Apple? 

It is absolutely fine for a feeding mother to have Ice Apple. It causes no harm to the baby as well.

7. Is Ice Apple cold or hot? 

Ice apple is a delicious fruit that is cold due to its cooling properties.

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