Post-pandemic health and wellness

A key recognition post-pandemic and post-Olympics is the need to consider the importance of mental health. Coping mechanisms to deal with stress, anxiety, and uncertainty have come front and center, as well as the recognition and mental health issues are widely prevalent in populations across the world. The future need for supportive mechanisms for maintaining and improving the mental health of individuals and organizations is going to need to expand both the number of professionals as well as the array of needs to be addressed.

Mental health will form part of holistic health and wellness, for those that are in the upper socioeconomic strata. There is likely to be a focus on approaches to increase immunity and prevent both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Individualized, technology-driven approaches to health and wellness will find investment and wide application, whether that is for ensuring physical exercise or tracking response to treatment. Telehealth and telemedicine will increase, with increasing self-monitoring, which will require doctors to use machine learning tools. Sadly, the less-resourced communities that lack access to curative health at this time will continue to be marginalized until there is greater investment in universal healthcare.

Wherever we look, it is likely that post-pandemic we will move from just curative services to health promotion and prevention. It will be essential to ensure that education about health wellness is incorporated into every level of learning even as there is a push for greater support of healthcare in India.

Dr Gagandeep,

CMC Vellore.

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