Travel insurance for Europe from India

Travel Insurance for Europe


When visiting Europe, travellers should be financially secure to cover medical treatments in the event of an accident, injury or other unexpected incidents.

Travel insurance might provide travellers with financial support and comfort to handle certain unexpected costs, allowing them to continue their journey without stress.

Are Indians required to have a visa and Schengen travel Insurance when visiting Europe?

Before leaving for the Schengen Area, Indian nationals wanting to visit Europe must apply for and obtain a visa. Every Indian passport holder must complete a set of procedures and satisfy a set of requirements in order to apply for a Schengen visa in India.

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The Indian applicant should collect documentation throughout the process to prove their qualification for a visa. Among the most significant documents is a confirmation of acquired travel health insurance that is valid across the Schengen area and for the duration of the stay in Europe.

Buying Schengen travel insurance from India? 

It could seem quite simple to buy Schengen visa insurance from India. However, selecting a travel insurance company in India and determining whether the plan they provide for Indian citizens complies with Schengen regulations is a whole different process.

  • Make sure it complies with the Schengen Insurance requirements. Numerous travel insurance providers that offer Schengen insurance can be found online. Prior to comparing prices, you should first look into their coverage.
  • As you consider acquiring a Schengen travel insurance plan from India, make sure it covers the entire Schengen region; otherwise, it cannot be considered as Schengen travel insurance. It provides coverage for the costs associated with medical emergencies, such as illnesses and accidents.
  • It is always preferable to choose reputable insurance companies with years of expertise that many others have used. By doing so, you may ensure that your insurance is appropriate and complies with the Schengen insurance regulations.
  • Check the health insurance company’s reviews.

Why get Schengen Visa Travel Insurance? 

It is mandatory to have Travel Insurance with you when you are applying for a Schengen Visa to travel across Schengen areas in Europe. According to a report from Taxi2Airport 7.3 million baggage pieces have been reported lost, mishandled or delayed in Europe alone so you could consider buying Schengen visa travel insurance to secure yourself from certain unexpected expenses.

Be it a delay of flight, loss of baggage or important documents, all such uncertainties might be covered under Schengen Visa Travel insurance coverage. Consider talking to an approved insurance agent or insurance company to know more about the insurance coverage and plans as it varies from company to company.

Benefits of Europe Travel Insurance  

Long-term, the small cost offers significant benefits. Travel insurance provides you with a range of benefits both before and during your journey. In the event that your trip might be extended or abandoned due to an emergency, it could give you the opportunity to have a flexible vacation.

  • It offers protection against medical emergencies caused by accidents, sickness, etc.
  • Covers the cost of the evacuation and the return
  • 24/7 assistance is offered
  • Complies with all requirements for a Schengen visa
  • Provides luggage insurance in the event that your luggage is lost or delayed.
  • Provides benefits for cancelled and delayed flights

As each insurance company provides varied benefits, plans and coverage read their terms and conditions carefully to know more.


Travelling overseas is surely on many of our bucket lists. Travelling overseas is an experience unlike any other. At least one of our favourite places to visit in Europe will undoubtedly be a country on the Schengen list. Despite how expensive the trip may appear, Star Travel Insurance will help relieve your financial concerns.


How to buy insurance online? 

You could visit the online portal of the insurer you have chosen and follow the procedures mentioned in their portal.

What are the things to consider while choosing a travel insurance plan? 

Things to consider while selecting a travel insurance plan includes the cost of travel Insurance, flexibility, customer reviews, coverage and your requirements.

Is travel insurance mandatory for all countries? 

No, travel insurance is not mandatory for all countries. However certain countries mandate all travelers to obtain travel insurance for the visa process.


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