10 Attractive Places to See in Bern

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

The magnificence of Bern’s surroundings often leaves first-time visitors in a state of shock. Located on a sandstone mountain, the Swiss capital is surrounded by the Aare River, which meanders through a valley on three sides. The city is connected to the higher terrain on the right bank and to the more recent sections of the city by high-level bridges.

Bern’s prosperity throughout the 17th and 18th centuries is reflected in the buildings’ arcades at street level and their protruding roofs. Furthermore, the UNESCO has designated the well-preserved ancient town as a World Heritage Site because of the way its beautiful character is incorporated into the city’s daily activities.

With year-round events like the Summer and Winter Jazz Festivals, the Buskers Festival, and the Gurtenfestival, which takes place in mid-July, Bern is a cultural hotspot. A wide range of interests is covered by the many museums and theaters. In addition, tourists may take in street-side sites like the Zytglogge, a medieval clock tower with puppets that move.

Take a stroll around Old Town

Bern’s old town is well deserving of its UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. The magnificent blue waters of the Aare River round the cliff where the old town sits, retaining much of its medieval charm. The walkways are covered arcade sidewalks that stretch for kilometres around the cobblestone streets. The buildings have flats on the higher floors and stores, cafés, restaurants, and bookshops on the lower levels.

See the Bern Historical Museum and the Einstein Museum.

With its 130-year-old structure constructed by Andre-Lambert and inspired by castles from the 15th century, the Historical Museum of Bern, along with the Einstein Museum, makes up the second-biggest museum in Switzerland. More than 500,000 artefacts from the Stone Age, the Celts, the Romans, the Middle Ages, the Napoleonic era, and the 19th and 20th centuries are included in the displays. Alpine Stone Age burial goods are as spectacular as Flemish tapestries from the fifteenth century or the well-known Königsfelden diptych, which was created for the King of Hungary.

With the help of several vintage videos, genuine artefacts, and letters, the Einstein Museum focuses on the life of the renowned physicist. His Nobel Prize certificate from 1921 is also on exhibit. 

Experience Top-Notch Art at the Kunstmuseum

The renowned Kunstmuseum is located on Hodlerstrasse. It is in the west of Waisenhausplatz. There are about 51,000 paintings and sculptures. It also includes drawings and prints in this enormous and spectacular art museum. It was constructed in 1879. It is the most ancient art museum in Switzerland. 

Explore the Albert Einstein Haus

Albert Einstein Haus in Bern

A trip to the scientist’s former residence might bring you some fascinating extra background for comprehending his extraordinary life, even if you’ve already visited the Einstein Museum. Einstein, his scientist wife Mileva Maric, and their son Hans lived in this second-floor apartment from 1903 until 1905. Einstein wrote some of his most famous works when he lived here, including the Annus Mirabilis essays on Brownian motion, the photoelectric effect, the special theory of relativity, and E = mc2.

Visit the Rosengarten in the Afternoon

It is one of Bern’s most serene and lovely locations with stunning city views. Large and open, the Rose Garden Park (Rosengarten) is situated on a hillside across the river from the town centre. The land was once a graveyard (1765–1877), but in 1913 it was turned into a public park.

Learn about the Berner Münster

The Berner Münster is sometimes referred to as the Bern Cathedral or the Cathedral of St. Vincent. The cathedral dates to the late Middle Ages. It is Switzerland’s largest church. It was essential to the evolution of the city’s architectural style. 

Bern Minster’s west portal is extensively decorated with sculptures, most of which are reproductions. There are paintings of the Annunciation and the Fall on the side walls and a Last Judgment with several figures in the tympanum (finished in 1495).

Appreciate the Clock Tower

Clock Tower in Bern

This 23-meter tower in the old town is adorned with a massive astronomical clock and is located just above the western gate tower.

A carnival of mechanical animals (The Fool, The Knight, The Rooster, The Piper, and more) emerges to perform a short show starting just three minutes before every hour. Inside, the 130 weathered stone stairs reveal the appeal of this historic building. Climbing to the observation deck, which offers some breathtaking views, is appreciated. Tours with a guide are really good and educational.

Explore the Paul Klee Center’s (Zentrum Paul Klee) Art Collection.

Zentrum Paul Klee

The works of German-Swiss painter Paul Klee are perhaps among the most well-known and identifiable of all those created in the early 20th century. Beyond the prevailing trends of his day (abstraction, cubism, and surrealism), Klee frequently used many media in his pieces. One of the most significant theoretical works on art ever published is his Writings on Form and Design Theory.

About 4,000 of Klee’s works, including the well-known Dame mit Sonnenschirm (Woman with Parasol), at den Häusern von St. Germain (Houses of St. Germain), and Tod und Feuer (Death and Fire), are housed at the center. The structure is exceptional in and of itself. It was created by architect Renzo Piano to resemble a mountainous, undulating terrain. It is bright and airy, spacious and open, and an artistic creation in and of itself.

See the Ancient Fountains in the Town

The historic town is home to several historic public fountains. The 16th century saw the installation of the fountains, which were topped with statues depicting concepts or biblical episodes, such as Samson slaying a lion. Some still display monuments honouring Bern’s might, such as the Runner Fountain (the Läuferbrunnen) and the Zähringerbrunnen (a bear in full armour).

At a time when the city was quickly becoming wealthier, wooden fountains were replaced with these ones. A hundred fountains are there. Eleven of the original sculptures are still in place, and they are all well-maintained and regularly painted. Indeed, the water remains drinkable.

Explore the Botanical Garden on foot

The exquisite floral garden is well worth seeing. Even people who don’t believe they’re interested in flowers and plants will be impressed. There are many areas throughout the garden. With a particular emphasis on Swiss flora, the Alpinum focuses on montane environments that support alpine plants from Europe, Asia, and North America. A fascinating exhibit on endangered animals is also there.

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Visa Process to Visit Bern as a Tourist

The most common kind of visa allows a traveller to visit Switzerland for tourism or leisure purposes. This is known as a tourist visa. No traveller with a tourist visa may work.

Qualifications for a tourist visa

Filled-out application for a visa to Switzerland

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Authenticated round-trip airline tickets

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A bank statement as evidence of finances

Importance of Travel Insurance

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Bern is an exquisite travel destination. It is important to have a robust itinerary. This helps to explore the place well enough. So that you will not have missed anything. It is equally important to include a robust travel insurance. Make sure to avail one when you plan for this trip. 


How soon after I leave India can I apply for a visa to Switzerland?

You must apply for the visa from India under the following conditions: not earlier than six months and no later than fifteen days before to your actual date of travel.

What happens if I overstay my visa in Switzerland?

Your risk of being deported and getting punished is high if you overstay your visa in Switzerland. It is possible that you will not be permitted to re-enter Switzerland or any other Schengen region.

Can I stay in Switzerland and renew my Schengen visa?

Under some circumstances, such as emergencies or humanitarian reasons, you can extend your Schengen visa from Switzerland.


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