10 reasons why breakfast is important

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Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


 Breakfast is breaking the overnight fasting of hours from our dinner. The first meal of the day is nothing like an ordinary one. Yes, every other meal is considered important, but breakfast is considered more important because of its ample benefits that benefit our health. That’s why it got the name the important day of the meal.

In this modern world, all are buzzing fast like busy bees to compete with others. Many skip breakfast for silly reasons, like sleeping a bit longer and so on. Once you know the importance, you will never skip it for any reason.

What is breakfast?

Breakfast is not just a meal; it is the best way to maintain good health and live free from health hazards. Breakfast is referred to as the first meal you have after the fasting period of 9 – 10 hours (break the night fast). As you are beginning you it is advisable to add nutrition-rich foods.

Why is breakfast necessary?

 Even while you are asleep, your body continues to work. The only difference is you will not have physical actions. As the body is functioning continually, your body might run out of energy. This continuous process brings down the glucose level, so to boost up the metabolism breakfast is necessary. Treating your body with breakfast will provide the essential nutrients and minerals to start the day’s work.

10 reasons why breakfast is important

 The below rundown suggests the 10 reasons why breakfast is important:

  1. It will boost the metabolism: Your breakfast sets the mood for the rest of your day. Before skipping your breakfast remember that your body is working overnight without any intake. So, the metabolism processes will convert your breakfast into energy. To wrap it up breakfast acts as an energy booster providing the required energy for your body to work for the day. A good and healthy breakfast makes you physically active throughout the day.
  2. It provides essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients: For the proper function of your body, you need to provide your body with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Having your breakfast fulfil the need of providing the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to your body to follow up the function for the rest of the day. It also reduces your risk to develop vitamin and nutrient deficiency.

  1. It helps to control your weight: Skipping your breakfast will not improve your processes to reduce your body weight. People who regularly intake breakfast are less prone to be obese. Skipping breakfast can increase the body’s insulin response which increases body weight. Having a healthy meal in the morning reduces your craving to eat throughout the day.
  2. It balances the sugar level: A balance in sugar level is important to avoid long term health issues and breakfast does it perfectly. A balance in sugar levels keeps your body and brain healthy. Breakfast helps to maintain the whole metabolism of the body.
  3. It boosts the focus: A good start is to have a healthy breakfast. Breakfast has a lot to set your morning mood. Your breakfast makes your tummy full for the day, so it increases your concentration and boosts your focus, thus making your work easy.
  4. It reduces the risk of illness: If you take your breakfast regularly, then you are at a low risk to develop obesity and type 2 diabetes. Breakfast can also avoid cardiovascular diseases. Lack of morning food can bring in much deficiency that could lead to serious health hazards. This can affect your immune system.
  5. It helps to control the junk food craving: Breakfast is important to start your day. Consider, if you are skipping your breakfast then you will find an alternative way to fulfil your craving then your hand will automatically get on junk foods. Breakfast helps to maintain a healthy life and cut down the cravings for junk food.
  6. It boosts muscle gain: Breakfast plays an important role in gaining muscle gain. If you add protein-rich food to your breakfast it benefits in gaining muscle strength.
  7. It will increase the overall health: What you intake for breakfast defines your health. It is considered to intake food that will increase your metabolism level, such as egg, an excellent source of protein.
  8. It gives way to a healthy life: Food is great and sweet medicine. It is not that hard to prepare breakfast, just a bowl of fruits will do for the day. Your breakfast can keep you active and attentive throughout the day. It makes you feel focused and it improves your memory power. You may not feel the difference at once but it benefits your health.

So are the superpowers of breakfast the list does not end here, it benefits last for life-long. It is better to spend your savings on food rather than spending it in the hospital. If you are skipping your breakfast stop it, skip anything else, not your breakfast.


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