10 Tinnitus home remedies

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Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


A common experience is when a person hears noises in one or both of his ears. These noises aren’t External noises that other people cannot hear. This sounds spooky, like the opening scene of a horror film. But we are talking science. It’s no film.  The underlying problem here is called Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a common problem that occurs in older people. A few age-related conditions usually cause this. Some of the few common causes are

  • Hearing loss due to age
  • Ear damage
  • Problems associated with the circulatory system

How do we identify Tinnitus?

Ringing in the ears is the most common description of Tinnitus. This ringing sound is present even though there is no actual noise outside.  Tinnitus can also cause other noises in the years, which may sound like

  • Clicking
  • Hissing
  • Humming
  • Buzzing or
  • Roaring

Tinnitus is subjective. The noise which people may hear would vary from low to high sequels. The noise may vary ear to ear.

Sometimes Tinnitus occurs in one ear or at times in both ears.

Should Tinnitus be treated by a professional?

It is always better to get treated by a professional, but the good news is many people aren’t disturbed by Tinnitus.

The symptoms are mild and do not disrupt the daily lives of people.

In some cases, the noise may be a high sequel and affect normal functionality.

In such cases, medical assistance is mandatory.

Can Tinnitus be treated at home?

Everyone needs to understand that Tinnitus is not a disease but a symptom.

It is a symptom of a problem with the auditory system which includes the ear and the nerves that connect the year and the brain. It may also have the part of the brain that sometimes processes sound.

As of now, there is no cure for Tinnitus, but the symptoms can be contained.

A few treatments or remedies can help reduce the intensity of Tinnitus.

Some of the treatments of Tinnitus would use the help of a few electronic machines.

Some of the devices which are used to contain the symptoms of Tinnitus are as follows.

  1. Sound- masking device

A sound masking device would provide a pleasant external noise that drains out the internal sound of the Tinnitus.

This device is a sound machine that is available in various sizes and can fit in the ear.

These devices can play various noises like nature, nice music or other ambient sounds, which most people find pleasing. However, a study made by a famous journal found that the sound asking device was most effective when it used white noise or pink noise.

  1. Custom sound machine

The normal noise-masking devices would help mask the sound of the Tinnitus when they are put into use. They have little or no long-lasting effect.

There are some devices available in the market which are medical-grade devices crafted especially for Tinnitus.

These devices are used intermittently, contradicting how a person would use regular sound machines.

People may experience long-term benefits even after the device is not in use. This custom sound machine would contain the loudness of the Tinnitus.

  1. Hearing aid

Most people develop Tinnitus due to hearing loss due to old age when people lose the ability to hear or diminish, the brain changes to process the sound frequencies.

The hearing aids are small devices, electronic devices that would take a microphone, speaker, and amplifier to increase the volume of the external noises.

This device would help the brain to adapt and process sound.

Hearing aids or a popular choice of treatment.

Technology has advanced so much that we leverage them for our good.

There are some other ways in which Tinnitus can be contained.

  1. Behavioural therapy

Tinnitus is often associated with elevated levels of emotional stress. Tinnitus is a common side-effect of people who suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia.  

This is when cognitive behavioural therapy is helpful. This therapy is a type of dog therapy that helps people with winters to adapt and learn to live with their condition.

Cognitive behavioural therapy teaches a person how to accept it and improve the quality of life. This therapy would reduce the irritation or annoyance accompanying a person who suffers from Tinnitus.

  1. Treatment of the obstacle

Hearing loss may be caused due to various reasons. It causes friction in the auditory system at times. It can be a symptom of other problems with the ear or the mouth.

Analysing the reason with a medical assistant and treating the problem alleviates it. In some cases, tinnitus can also be a sign of earwax which is excessively present.

Removing it would be sufficient to treat tinnitus.

  1. Progressive tinnitus management therapy

Progressive tinnitus management therapy is a treatment that is delivered by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States.

This is possible as this was one of the most common disabilities which were caused due to the loud noises in the war and training.

This progressive tinnitus management is an exclusive program offered by the veterans who provide various educational materials that serve to be more than helpful.

  1. Reducing stress

Stress and Tinnitus go hand-in-hand. Mindfully practicing various techniques that would calm the mind would be useful to contain the symptoms of Tinnitus.

There are a few courses like mindfulness-based stress reduction where people or trained to distract their attention from the pain. They are also thought of various methods to reduce the stress of containing the symptoms of Tinnitus.

Apart from these therapies and machines, a few pills and drugs are prescribed to reduce the symptoms. They are:

  1. Anti-depressant drugs

Tinnitus may involve medication as a part of the treatment. As mentioned above, to reduce the stress of a person, medical professionals prescribe anti-depressant drugs to reduce the tinnitus symptoms and make them less annoying.

By doing so, it would increase the quality of life. As there are a number of ways to treat Tinnitus, these medications are also an effective way to hold back the symptoms from disrupting a person’s daily life.

  1. Alternative treatment for Tinnitus 

There are some of how the treatment of Tinnitus can be complemented, which may include

  • Supplements to aid with nutrition
  • Acupuncture
  • Homoeopathic treatment
  • Hypnosis

There is a wide belief that many of these treatments aren’t back by signs, but many people are convinced that these are helpful and have proven effects to reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus

  1. Exercise  

Exercise is something which is very important to every individual. The exercise involves activities that are performed to maintain overall well-being.

Please can be aggravated by various factors like lack of sleep sickness and stress. Doing moderate to intense exercises regularly would help manage stress and stay healthier.

If a person has a balanced lifestyle, they may reduce the triggers of Tinnitus.

To sum up  

Tinnitus is a condition which it’s irritating to a person. To date, there is no permanent cure for this condition.  However, there are ways in which a person may contain the symptoms and lead a quality life. Treatments like behavioural therapy medications and other stress-reducing activities or promising options to reduce the symptoms of Tinnitus.

Tinnitus can have a lasting effect on people, making them experience

  • Fatigue
  • Sleeping problems
  • Increased stress levels
  • Depression anxiety and
  • memory problems

This can be contained by following the methods mentioned earlier.

However, a proper medical examination is required depending on how mild or severe the symptoms are.

There is always a need for medical assistance if the symptoms are severe. It is recommended to consider a medical professional to know more about Tinnitus and the medical treatments.


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