11 Superfoods to maintain good health


The universe is naturally blessed with many foods that have the incredible power of strengthening the human body. Superfoods naturally have more additional benefits compared to normal foods. In this article, we summarized the details of 11 superfoods that help the human body function better efficiently.


Pomegranate is the most sought-after fruit in the world. Pomegranate is revered not only for its taste but also for its vitamin content and medicinal properties. Due to its extravagance of vitamin properties, pomegranate is termed as one of the best superfoods. Pomegranate juice tends to reduce cancer-forming inflammation in the body.


Turmeric is a spice that looks like ginger with yellow in colour. The genesis of Turmeric is India. It is revered for its cooking and medicinal properties. Turmeric has a substance called curcumin which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcumin has the properties of reducing chronic diseases like cancer, sugar, and stomach disorders. It also reduces pain and acts as a wound-healing agent. Several medicinal ointments are made with the combination of turmeric and curcumin.


Eggs are one of the healthiest foods in the superfood category. Eggs have a substantial amount of high-quality protein present in their albumen (egg white) and contain nutrients like iron, phosphorous, selenium, and vitamin A.

Eggs are bashed for cholesterol properties present in their yolk. Eggs protect vision and eye health since it contains zeaxanthin and lutein. Egg whites could increase Good HDL cholesterol, which may lead to a favourable reduction in heart disease risk.


Broccoli contains multiple nutritional and vitamin properties along with 0.3 grams of fibre. It is recommended to have broccoli at least twice a week to reduce cancers like lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. It also boosts your blood sugar and immunity.


Garlic is closely associated with onions and shallots. Garlic has fundamental properties like vitamin C, vitamin B, manganese.

Garlic has effective substances that help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure and increase the immune system. Garlic is known for its distinct flavour and extraordinary medicinal benefits.


Spinach contains essential vitamin and mineral components like vitamin E and manganese that boost your immune system. These minerals in spinach protect your body from harmful viruses and bacteria, prevent the growth of impure toxins and make your body fresh throughout the day.


Avocados are known for their potassium and fibre content. It vitally reduces heart diseases and cardiac disorders. Avocado is widely consumed for its Vitamin E nutrients which protect against Alzheimer’s disease and improve memory and thinking power.


Tomato originated from the plant called Solanum Lycopersicum. It is filled with a substance called lycopene which is responsible for the red colour in tomatoes and protecting them from ultraviolet rays. Nutrients like potassium, vitamin B, Vitamin E are also present in tomatoes. It is recommended to add at least one tomato to your daily diet to lead a healthy life.


Shiitake Mushrooms and Oyster Mushrooms have more proteins and calories compared to random mushrooms. Generally, Mushrooms have high antioxidant and fibre properties. Due to this, many health experts suggest taking 4-5 mushrooms per day because it can reduce your neurological disorders.


Fish consists of fatty acids, vitamin C and B2. Many mineral substances like Iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium, and potassium are present in fish. Fish is good for vision and brain-related problems. It is recommended to eat fish at least twice a week for better health. Tuna fish has high protein content.

Dry nuts

Dry fruits and nuts are regarded as one of the best foods for protein and iron. Essentially dry nuts are low in sugar, fat, and carbohydrates but are super rich in essential oils and proteins. Almonds are high in protein compared to all the other dry nuts.

Summing up

Achieving optimal health and enriched nutrients is the core reason for adding superfoods to our daily routine. Eating the above 11 superfoods is like eating various nutritious foods every day. These superfoods should be added to your diet, benefiting your overall health and preventing you from certain chronic diseases.

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