Best 10 Iconic sights to visit in Normandy

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*

This western region of France, Normandy is known for its beauty and tranquillity. However, this isn’t always how the province has been. Once the Vikings arrived in the ninth century. They settled in the area and gave it the name Normandy. This means “the country of the Northmen.” Many conflicts ensued here. This is between England and France. These were during the ensuing decades. But the most significant one took place in 1944. This is when Allied forces recaptured the country during WW II. This is from the Nazi occupation.

The Landing Beaches

Looking out across the English Channel at the location of one of the biggest naval assaults in history is a powerful sight, regardless of one’s interest in military history.

The concrete representation of optimism, collaboration, and victory is seen on the beaches of Normandy. A few locations are worth seeing if you want to cross off Normandy’s D-Day history off your list.

You may relive D-Day history at this museum. You will have the opportunity to study all of history and comprehend the importance of this particular event. To experience what it would be like to be an American paratrooper flying over Normandy, you may step inside an actual C-47 aircraft complete with authentic lights and noises.

Mont St Michel

Mont St Michel

The little island of Mont St. Michel is like something from a storybook. It is the icing on the cake for any vacation in France. In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this little nation is home to a stunning middle-age monastery.

This charming island has been a popular destination for Christian pilgrims since the eighth century. The island can only be reached by land when the tide is low. It was once a stronghold shielded by a natural barrier. It never lost during the whole 100-year conflict because of its special quality. Only thirty people now reside on this island, and they rely almost exclusively on the large number of visitors that come to see Mont St. Michel each year.


The remarkable white cliffs that have brought Etretat fame have won a spot among the top 15 attractions in Normandy. You just cannot not miss this vista. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the sea air because of its natural beauty and charming beachfront.

Accompanying the cliffs is a sharply pointed rock structure known appropriately as the Aiguille, or needle. Arsène Lupin, the French counterpart of Sherlock Holmes, is largely responsible for their fame. He came to this location in an attempt to find lost riches. This “gentleman thief” is frequently mentioned in allusions to the town of Etretat, which is highlighted in the Netflix series Lupin. Experience the world of France’s most well-known burglars while admiring the stunning beach surroundings.



One more must-visit location that lets you go back in time. The WWII landing beaches of Normandy are not far from Bayeux. The municipality has its own museums dedicated to preserving the memory of World War II.

It is among the few parts of France that escaped World War II, and it is mostly undamaged. This indicates that a stunning cathedral and well-preserved stone building may be found in the city’s historical core.


The capital of Normandy is Rouen. Because of the many churches in the area, Victor Hugo gave it the nickname “the city of 100 spires.” As the biggest city in the area, Rouen is home to parks like the Jardin des Plantes, shopping centres, and exciting bars along the Quayside.

But history is also abundant in it. If you don’t believe me, simply see the bustling old district of the city. It offers every characteristic of an amazing European experience, including gorgeous churches, cobblestone streets, and a museum highlighting the region’s intriguing history.


My very favourite city in Normandy! From Paris, take the Seine all the way to the sea. One other must-see location that adds to the specialness of Normandy is this lovely estuary in the town of Honfleur. The town’s seaport, which dates to the 1400s, served as a major hub for French trade. Although it is no longer in use for business, visitors may still eat seafood while taking in the scenery from the preserved port.

An ideal spot for a stroll on a romantic note or to have a drink along the town’s breathtaking seafront dotted with eateries and cafes. There are plenty of opportunities at the waterfront to sample regional goods, including cider, calvados, shellfish, and salted caramels.


People prefer to refer to Deauville as the “French Hamptons.” Enjoy a delightful luxury getaway that’s only 1.5 hours from Paris. In this charming tiny town, take advantage of world-class golf courses, gourmet restaurants, white sand beaches, and upscale boutiques.

Les Planches, the well-known boardwalk in Deauville, is a must-walk. On this lovely coastal resort, you may enjoy the cool ocean wind while relaxing on a chair under an umbrella!


Charming communities abound along France’s northern coast, and Trouville-Sur-Mer is no exception. With its boardwalks, beaches, and delicious seafood, this place offers all you need for an unforgettable seaside getaway! Here are a few must-see items in this distinctive port city, should you decide to visit.

Monet, Flaubert, and even Proust were among the writers and artists who cherished Trouville’s beaches. It is a more subdued alternative to Deauville, with a boardwalk that dates back to 1867 and was shown in Monet’s painting while the artist was on a honeymoon in the city. This beach resort has a certain charm all by itself when you stroll along it.


Without a doubt, the Impressionist movement was greatly influenced by the natural beauty of Normandy. That is nowhere more evident than at Giverny, the Impressionist Mecca and birthplace of Claude Monet.

Giverny is a peaceful village with a few quaint eateries tucked away in the woods. Giverny is a must-visit location if you want to see the legendary home of Norman Norman and take in the charm of a little Norman village.


Caen in Normandy

Rebuilt during World War II, Caen is a town steeped in medieval history. It is presently a developing university town that is well worth seeing. William the Conqueror built two abbeys that served as the foundation of Caen and today serve as a lovely reminder of the region’s past. Apart from its stone buildings and medieval architecture, Caen is also home to amazing historical artefacts that highlight its significance during World War II.

Among the area’s top attractions is the Caen Memorial Museum. With its rich and interactive displays of the WWII battles, the circumstances leading up to them, and the aftermath, it brings history to life. When visiting a city that was nearly completely devastated during the conflict, it is a significant structure.

Documents Required to Visit Normandy

Original passport plus any previous passports, if any, with a minimum of three blank pages and a minimum validity of six months;

The following documents are required: 

Visa application form

Two recent colour photos (photo specification)

Personal cover letter (on plain paper for employed people or company letterhead for self-employed people)

Original, updated bank statement from the previous six months

Income tax returns or Form 16 for the previous three years; confirmed return tickets

Hotel reservation

Travel insurance with a minimum coverage of EUR 30,000

Importance of Travel Insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is a prudent precaution. Additionally, every Indian tourist must do this. It’s a trip to Normandy. Unexpected things do happen. This covers medical emergencies and aircraft delays. Luggage that goes missing is also included. It may turn a fantastic vacation into a nightmare. Travel insurance provides comfort and financial stability in these situations. This is accomplished by covering travel delays and medical costs. 

It also pays for additional unanticipated costs. Purchasing all-inclusive International travel insurance is essential. This is to prevent exorbitant medical costs. This is especially true in light of Normandy’s high cost of healthcare. It is carefully chosen to provide thorough coverage for trips abroad. 


A trip to Normandy will surely be memorable. This is mainly because of the fact that some iconic moments in history happened there. It is important to prepare a detailed travel plan for Normandy. While doing so, make sure to avail yourself of robust travel insurance. This will help you deal with various forms of uncertainty. 


With a short-stay visa, how long may I stay in France?

You can spend three months in France if you have a short-stay visa.

How may the visa cost be paid?

The city in which you are applying determines the method of payment for the visa cost. Cash payments are required from applicants seeking interviews in Pune, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Chennai, and Puducherry. Kolkata may choose to use a bank draft to cover the cost. Please be aware that you cannot pay the fees using the old Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes.

My application for a visa was denied. Will I get a justification or explanation for the same?

No, the consulate will not provide a justification for the denial. 


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