How to Lose weight with curd

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Health Insurance Plans starting at Rs.15/day*


Curd is an important component of our daily nutrition. It is filled with nutrients and enhances digestion. This probiotic dairy product is a nutritious addition to our diet. Lactobacillus bulgaricus, a living microbe, is present in curd. This bacterium has been shown to relieve dyspepsia.

Protein is the ultimate secret to losing weight, and curd has a very high protein content.

A bowl of curd is usually a wise choice for a nutritious meal, whether it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to its numerous health and beauty benefits, curd is also high in calcium and can be very efficient in assisting weight loss. 

Benefits of curd for weight loss 

curd for weight loss

Improves digestion 

Due to its high probiotic content, curd enhances digestion by eliminating all bad bacteria in the digestive tract and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. Also, probiotics aid in preventing several digestive problems like cramping, bloating and abdominal pain arising from irritable bowel syndrome.


A highly concentrated, protein-rich curd is obtained when milk solids are separated from the liquid during the fermentation process. 

100 g of curd contains 11 g of protein, as provided by USDA. As curd is such a high-protein food, it keeps a person fuller for longer, which reduces the frequency of hunger sensations. Also, it maintains the muscles and reduces excess belly fat.


Like all dairy products, the curd is a good source of calcium. A bowl of curd has a lot of calcium, which helps maintain strong bones. Dietary calcium has additional benefits, including preventing weight gain. A calcium-rich diet may prevent an individual from gaining the weight they have lost in a healthy way.

Has loads of nutrients 

The body requires nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-2, potassium and magnesium for overall growth and development. Curd supplies these nutrients in significant amounts. While making curd, these important elements are extracted from milk

Milk takes longer to digest than yoghurt. The nutrients cause the cells to release extra water into the bladder, helping to keep the blood sugar levels within normal range. 

The extra water in the cells can more easily escape and reach the bladder with the help of beneficial minerals like potassium and magnesium, which helps to maintain blood pressure levels. Calcium, which is abundant in minerals, boosts metabolism and aids in weight loss by reducing excess fats.

Contrary to popular belief, vitamin A does not immediately affect weight issues. But it’s possible that consuming vitamin A foods will only have indirect effects on weight maintenance. For instance, adding vitamin A can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, which is one of the main causes of weight gain and high blood pressure.

Contains probiotics 

The probiotic bacteria in curd, a fantastic source of protein, aid in preventing weight gain. Protein will keep us full for a long period, but calcium and probiotic bacteria will prevent the formation of fat cells.

Low saturated fat 

Saturated fats, single-bond fat molecules that are typically abundant in meat and oils and solid at room temperature are present in curd in amounts of roughly 1.7g per 100g serving. 

Consuming saturated fats has been related to a higher risk of cardiovascular disorders, which can also lead to weight gain. As a result, a curd is a suitable option for weight loss because of its low-fat level.

Curbs appetite 

The afternoon snack of curd is ideal due to its high protein content. Curd is a food that can be taken in between meals. It helps prevent binge eating by satiating the appetite with fewer calories.


While trying to lose weight, incorporating milk into the diet would be great for low-fat eating habits, but since milk contains lactose, a lactose-intolerant individual would find it difficult to do so. 

However, milk must be fermented to produce curd, which is done by adding a bacterium called Lactobacillus bulgaricus. Lactose intolerance patients can eat curd as the bacteria in curd converts lactose into lactic acid.

Role in weight loss 

One effective way to burn fat is with curd. The high calcium content of curd helps maintain a healthy BMI. The digestive system is kept under control, and the probiotics in curd improve metabolism, which helps with weight loss. 

A person tends to feel full for a long time owing to the protein in curd, which also helps to control unpredictable appetite and reduces binge eating risk.

The fat-burning benefits of curd boost metabolism. Daily curd consumption, along with a balanced diet and exercise, can accelerate weight loss and reduce belly fat.

How to eat curd for weight loss? 

Plain curd

An easy and go-to way of having curd is eating plain curd as a snack or with meals any time of the day. For a delicious curd snack, one may also top it with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Add it to overnight oats


Many individuals prefer to have oatmeal or granola for breakfast. Considering to switch to overnight oats with curd makes it an excellent option. 

Just combine the desired amount of oats with a cup of curd the previous evening, and then enjoy the combination the following morning with fruit or a half-fistful of mixed nuts.

It might be a healthier substitute for a usual breakfast. Top a cup of curd with 1-2 tbsp of whole grain granola or a medium seasonal fruit for breakfast or lunch.

Create a healthy dip.

Create a nutritious dip with curd, mint, coriander or other ingredients, or use low-fat curd instead of mayonnaise as necessary.

Blend it into the smoothie bowl.

Blend any fruits in a smoothie and use creamy curd in place of the milk. As a result, the smoothie is significantly richer and more pleasant.

Lassi and Chhach or Chaas


Every home in India has a popular liquid refreshment that is buttermilk or Lassi. We can reduce our intake of junk food by having a glass of water after meals or in place of a snack. This can also be substituted with buttermilk or lassi for enhanced flavour and filling sensation. They are easy to prepare with just curd, water or sugar, respectively. One can quench their thirst as well as satisfy their taste buds with these drinks.

Other ways

  • There are several ways to consume curd. Add some honey and scoop some curd into a bowl. One can include some fresh and dry fruits to make it more upscale. 
  • Who isn’t a fan of yummy breakfast? Add any preferred cereal to a bowl of curd in place of the milk. It is creamier and more delicious.
  • Rice or parathas goes well with just plain curd. It is recommended to eat curd at least three servings a day. 
  • We may include curd at any meal or hour of the day. It is a flexible ingredient that is solely beneficial to our bodies. One may also begin their weight loss journey with curd.


The superfood curd increases the nutritional content of our meals and enhances the flavour of our food.

It is an ideal start for the weight loss journey and is beneficial to health when taken daily as it is an excellent source of calcium, protein and probiotics.

This simple ingredient can improve our heart health, immunity, digestion, bone health, skin and hair health, blood sugar levels, weight and many other things.


What is the best time for eating curd? 

Curd is best recommended to be taken during the day. But even at night, those who don’t have a cold or a cough might add curd to their meals.

Does eating curd burns body fat? 

Curd is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making it a good choice for weight loss. The protein in it also helps maintain lean muscle mass and burn abdominal fat.

Is curd good for weight loss? 

A cup or two of curd daily raises the body’s calcium levels, reducing cortisol release and promoting weight loss. The superfood curd is an effective fat burner. High calcium content in curd contributes to maintaining healthy BMI levels. 
The probiotics in curd maintain a healthy digestive system and boost metabolism, which helps with weight loss.

Is curd better than milk for weight loss? 

Milk and curd are comparable with respect to calories. But curd contains probiotics, which give the stomach healthy bacteria, adding that a healthy gut is directly related to healthy digestion and general health. 
This may offer curd the advantage of being more beneficial for weight loss.


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